ESL News--1st, 3rd, & 5th Graders

Weekly Newsletter from Mrs. Dianne Anderson

A Message from the Teacher

Dear Parents,

It's hard to believe that it is now December!

I look forward to working with your student to improve his/her skills with English. We will be working hard to increase reading fluency over the next few weeks. Reading fluency is the pace a student reads and understands what he/she reads. We will be doing many different kinds of fluency activities: word drills, fluency phrase reading, and fluency passage practice.

If you have any questions/concerns about your child's fluency, please let me know.

Thank You,
Mrs. Dianne Anderson

What are we learning this week? December 1-5, 2014

Expanding English 12:25-1:15

Introduction to Unit 3: Water, Water Everywhere

Preview, Build Background of Science Concept for Story 1 "Where Do Puddles Go?", Learn & Practice sight words & vocabulary

Vocabulary: cloud, disappear, flow, puddle, rise, water, after, into, may, right, evaporation, condensation, precipitation

Content Objectives

I can...

  • read words with long /o/ spelled oa & ow.
  • identify features of a science text.
  • identify & write about the sequence of the water cycle.
  • use context clues to understand new words.
  • write complete sentences.
  • write in response to a daily prompt.
  • read, write, and use a variety of long and short vowel words.

Language Objectives

I can...

  • use subject/verb agreement when I speak and write.
  • talk about science topics with complete sentences.
  • listen to what my classmates say and respond to them.

Dates & Reminders

December 19th- 2 hour day for students and teachers

December 22nd-January 2nd No School-Winter Holiday