This is me

Kendra Spencer

My family

My mom's name is Valerie because she was born on valentines day.My dad's name is Kenneth because he is named after his grandpa I think.My brother's name is caleb because my parent's liked that name.My name is Kendra because i'm named after my dad.My cat's name is panther because he is all black like a panther and we live in new lex so thats the other reason.My dog's name is gracie because we liked that name.

My family's birthday

My mom's birthday is on the 14th of january.My dad's birthday is on the 15th of august.My birthday is on the 16th of July.My brother's birthday is on the 25th of december i think.

My dog

Gracie is the most cutest shitzu ever. She is black and white and when she runs she skips.
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panther is lazy and is my cat she use to play a lot then we got a dog. Panther is a rascal she makes fun of gracie, she gets up on the stove and eats out of the pot,and she takes toilet paper and tares it up.
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So that is my family and I.See you next time.