How can climate change affect human

The Great Lake Area

The Great Lake Area

The population of the great lake region has dropped, from car businesses closing down. The great lakes are in MIchigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, and New York. Some animals in the great lake region are mooses, gray wolves, and canadian lynx. They also many types of fish and birds. Some plant life in the great lake region are wildflowers, cattails, and dune grasses. There are 33 million people living in the great lake region. The great lake climate in the winter is cold with long nights. In the summer it has long day warm days and short nights.

How does water pollution harm people?

Water pollution could harm people by not allowing clean water and could affect their food supply such as fish from the lakes.

Will climate change cause people to relocate?

Climate change could cause people to relocate because the temperature would rise and melt the ice so much to where people house's would get flooded.

What will happen to food sources with climate change with humans?

Their food source will decline because most of their seafood will get infected from water pollution and get diseases that will harm humans, such as POPs.

Can humans get sick or diseases from climate change?

Humans can sick from climate change because if they eat infected fish they could get diseases such as POPs, PCBs, and DDT. The air would also get polluted causing more sickness for being outside such as lung infections.

What will happen to people’s jobs do to climate change?

Some jobs that might go out of business would be fishermen and many outside business from the heat increase. Some jobs that would go up would be doctors from sickness and office jobs because it will cooler on the inside.