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Welcome to 2021

2020 is gone and now onto 2021

Welcome BACK!

I hope you all had a very restful break. I know for us, it was nice not to have to be on a device everyday. We were able to get outside quite a few days and did a few holiday zoom parties. It was such a nice break! One that I was excited to come back to school from! However, this week, I feel extremely tired!

I love the new year. With it comes a chance for new beginnings!! Mrs. Zimmer, our Librarian, read, One Word, this week to all of our classes. Students were asked to think of their one word. It will be the driving force for the year. No goals. No wish lists. No resolutions. Just one word. Please ask your student(s) what their word is and fill out this quick survey with their word. SURVEY

I know all of us have questions regarding coming back to "in-person" school. I still do not have any new answers. Please tune in to the Board Meeting on January 13, 2021 at 6:00pm. I know the Superintendent, Dr. Adam Clark, will be addressing the Board on his recommendations.

I look forward to having more conversations with each of you! Be on the look out for "random" phone calls from me and Ms. Ramos just to check in with your students. We want to make any connection we can with each of our students! If your student or you is having a difficult time with homework/classwork, please remember that our teachers have office hours every day. You can check in with your teacher to find out what time their office hours are.

On Wednesdays, in January and February, I will be opening up a (Principal's Pals) Zoom from 11:30-12:00 to chat and check in with students. If your student wants to jump on and chat, show me their pet, or just say "hello." The Zoom for this will be:

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 209 935 8373

Happy 2021!


Some Resources

With the events of the year, I thought it to be important to give some resources to teachers and families to discuss the most recent events with your students. Helping children understand the peaceful transfer of power is fundamental to our democracy. As parents, caregivers, and educators, we have a critical responsibility to help children and youth feel safe and secure and to help them learn how to engage with others of differing viewpoints in a peaceful, tolerant, and respectful manner.

These are resources that can assist adults helping children and youth navigate feelings of uncertainty and strong emotions.

How to Catch a Monster


New parenting workshops are being offered to provide support to parents/ guardians during this time of Distance Learning - and beyond. Please note that these trainings focus on how to support families in distance learning and with social-emotional growth, health, communication, and positive relationships instead of the basics of Zoom, Google Classroom, and Seesaw. New Parent eTraining Flyer HERE. If you have any questions, contact Paige Endo, Vice Principal at Mt. Diablo Adult Education at

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How To Draw Baby New Year

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