By Makayla Bacon

Norse Goddess of the sea

  • Her name comes from bilge water
  • She is the deity in charge of the ocean
  • She is a neutral goddess and no one really knows if she is good or evil

daughter of the sea god aegir and his wife ran

  • Bylgia is 1 of 9 daughters
  • The 9 daughters were known as the billow maidens
  • Each wore a white robe and veil

The Billow Maidens

Each of Aegir's daughters represented different waves

  1. Himinglaeva

  2. Dufa

  3. Blodughadda

  4. Hefring

  5. Unn

  6. Hron

  7. Bylgia

  8. Bara

  9. Kolga

They were later known as mermaids

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Father of Bylgia

  • He is the worshipped Norse god of the sea
  • Feared by sailors
  • He has a fondness for dragging down ships and men into his halls
  • He is known for his wonderful parties
  • it is said that sea froth is created by his Underwater Brewery


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