Augustus for Emperor

Vote Augusus to make Rome great again!

A letter to the great peolpe of Rome

Hello I am Augustus and I want to be your next Roman emperor. I would be a great ruler because I can bring peace to our great country and keep it for many years to come.

My strengths as emperor are that I specialize in peace throughout the country. Making the country very beautiful and full of recreation. I will help the country out of economic burdens and restore great economic value. Most important to me is not just to help our country grow in size but with allies.

During my past rule I have made Rome great again in many ways. Before I rained, the country was engulfed in a civil war. With my expertise war was ended and with my help the country was peaceful. Thanks to my skills in foreign relations we as a country gained many allies. Our military defeated many neighboring countries as well as threats and made the country twice the size it was thanks to my military strengths. I made the coliseum open for all citizens and helped the country to look like a great country with skills of recreation. Since the country had just ended a war our economy was down. I grabbed it by the throat and gave it strength, which I can make even better.

My core values as Augustus are based off of what I think this country needs. It is very important for me to be honest. This way my country will know I am always doing what is right for them. I also think everyone in Rome should be treated equal outside their pay. So to do this I will make recreation great and possible for everyone. Since we just came out of war I luckily love military strategies and will work very hard to make Rome as safe as possible for everyone.

If I become emperor I will re-build it up from the ground. I plan on making recreation available to everyone in the country. Since our empire is so big our roads stretch out far distances. To make sure travel is safe I will repair any road damage and redo some rough roads. The economy is not in the best spot right now and I will make it better for everyone by reducing taxes and doing more with less money.

Please, great people of Rome vote me as your next emperor.

Vote For Augustus