Advanced FOH Training

Hosted by ROC Philadelphia


Philly-ROC is now enrolling its members for it's next career training class starting THURSDAY, May 14th 2015.

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Email: Calvin[at]

Office: 215.867.9747

Office hours: 10am-5pm

First, ask yourself...

Are you ready to take the work you do seriously? Are you a professional? Do you want to develop skills and knowledge to help further your career in this thriving industry? Do you want to help raise industry standards in employment and professionalism? Would you like to be apart of a community that supports a more sustainable and professional growth in the restaurant industry?

ROC Philadelphia, RAISE employers, local institutions, community organizations, governmental agencies, and workforce partners are determined to raise standards of professionalism & employment in the restaurant industry here in Philadelphia. The CHOW training we offer is nationally approved by educators and industry professionals. Our mission is to set the standard of professionalism through the CHOW program to improve tenure and reduce turnover in the industry. CHOW is shifting the framing and mindset of restaurant jobs to restaurant careers. Not only do we teach people the hard skills, but we also empower workers to love what they do and become leaders in this industry.

Join a leading movement

We are a strong and diverse community with one focus in mind, to improve our conditions so that we are proud of the work we do and the industry supports our pursuit to work with dignity. Our membership includes novice to seasoned professionals, new entrepreneurs to national employer experts, developing leaders to public spokespersons, a local and national network of supporters looking to help us make this an industry we can all thrive in. As someone who is either in or looking to break into this industry, we create experiences to develop your industry knowledge, your leadership potential, build your confidence and expand understanding of how to create a just industry.

Find out more, it’s simple

Find out why we’ve grown to over 13,000 worker members, over 100 leading employers including Top Chefs, thousands of consumer supporters with local offices in 12 major cities. Come to an orientation where you can learn more about our history, why we do what we do, hear stories from others in the industry, talk to leaders, learn about benefits of membership, ask your questions, and if you like what you hear, we offer membership equally to all people and you can get the process started; it starts with a simple commitment to yourself.

To enroll in courses
1. Sign up with the form below and Attend a Member Orientation

2. Pay dues- If you like what you hear, complete a membership form.

We ask that all members be up to date on membership dues which are $10 per month

3. Find out how you can be more involved with ROC Philly

Frequently Asked Questions

What will the classes cover?

~ Fine Dining Serving and Bartending ~

Well...ROC-Philly's has an 8 class service & beverage modules that provide training on fundamental and advanced fine dining and beverage service. From basic table side service to advanced cocktail mixing our courses were written by industry professionals to give you the right skills to advance your career in the restaurant and hospitality industry.


~ ServSafe Manager Course ~

The SerSafe Manger Handler Program is a complete solution that delivers consistent food safety training to employees. It is a tangible resume builder.


A resume building workshop for our graduates.

Is there a cost?

Of course there is. The cost for our training, ServSafe course and resume workshop is $150.00.


Thursday, May 14th, 10am

1329 Buttonwood St

Philadelphia, PA

Classes will be held weekdays May 14th-29th 10am-1pm

Must attend orientation and become a member of ROC Philadelphia before training.

And the Other Stuff...

The Restaurant Opportunities Center of Philadelphia (Philly ROC) is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to improving the industry and career opportunities for restaurant workers through research, training and advocacy.

Promoting the High Road to Profitability – We partner with responsible restaurant owners in the Philadelphia area to promote best management practices. We also partner with them to offer our restaurant worker members with restaurant training and job placement services, to help restaurant workers advance to livable wage jobs in the industry.