Atikokan Animals

What's Happening?

House Meeting

At this week's house meeting we will be discussing house clothing designs so please come out to have your say on the designs that will be presented! As usual the house meeting will be at 7pm.

House Meeting

Sunday, Sep. 28th, 7pm


This Sunday at 11am is the annual Terry Fox Run. Click the title above to register for the run. We will see you there!

Atikokan Bonfire

Sunday, Sep. 28th, 9:30pm

Lake Tamblyn

Come on out for some camp fire snacks and bonding! The Bonfire Pit is located on the far side of Lake Tamblyn, towards the Centennial Building.

House Points

Remember Animals, in order to win House of the Month (and some sweet prizes!) we need to collect House Points. You can get your house point by attending Residence Sports, going to Res Wide events and more! Stay tuned for opportunities to claim house points.


September 30th is the Volunteer Fair, check it out in the Agora and find the Residence Life table to claim you House Point :)

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Event Ideas

If you have an idea for an event talk to Emilia or Lorna to get the ball rolling. Here are some ideas we have talked about recently and may be upcoming: paintballing, Value Village trip for blue and orange, The Hoito, Sex & Chocolate in the Dark...

KLM's Beagle

Here's a short video to make you smile this week!
KLM Airline Uses Beagle Dog To Deliver Lost items for Amsterdam Airport | VIDEO
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