"Inspiring Greatness in Tomorrow's Leaders!" 12-12-14

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Think Win Win, Synergize and Yee-Haws!

Yee-Haws to:

To the Entire Staff - What a wonderful holiday party. It was so great to see so many staff members and so many significant others (many dressed in some very ugly sweaters). Great conversations, great food, and great people. Everyone had a great time. Thank you to the Sharpen the Saw Committee for organizing and Bix for hosting.

  • Teamwork - Jennifer for covering for Jojo during an important SST, Tianne for covering for Neva so that she could attend parts of the Lighthouse Training, Crystal for helping with Maggie's Club, Lindsay for covering for Alice, Kristy, Tobie, Victor, and Dawn for helping with rainy day supervision, Kathy for teaching music to the Kinders when Debbie went home sicks, and so much more!
  • SSTs - Thank you for being prepared for these meetings and having your student's information inputted. Thank you Tabor and Robyn for your expertise.
  • Everyone signing up for our District Learning Walks! What a great opportunity to share best practices!
  • Nora and Jordan for your efforts on the National History Club. I love the research students are doing on leaders. This is so awesome that you are giving our students this opportunity!
  • John Leland, Caroline Brown, and Victor for meeting to help our landscaping and field to communicate the same excellence that is occurring in our school.
  • Our PTO for the great luncheon! If you haven't had a chance, write a note of gratitude and put it in the PTO box.
  • The first grade Team, Dawniel, Bix, Katie, and Rob, for their attendance at the math PD days. I love the thoughtful and dynamic ways that all grade levels are teaching math! Whole group and small group instruction, manipulatives, integrated technology, differentiated opportunities. WOW!
  • Guy - for installing all of the pull-down maps in classrooms. He is about half way there and should be complete by next week.
  • The Lighthouse Team, Jessica, Neva, Dawn, Kaite, Judy, Tianne, Debbie, Tobie, Lisa, Shiela, Tabor, Crystal for their attendance at the training yesterday - Everyone's contributions and efforts are bring leadership alive at Solana Ranch.
  • Reading Together - Thank you Kristy and Tobie for facilitating this great leadership intervention.
  • Great Friday Assembly. I love the school spirit and Hawk P.R.I.D.E. that is felt amongst everyone, students, parents, and staff!
  • Happy Birthday to Katie and Kathy this week! And Jordan Einbinder next week on 12-17
  • Amir and Victoria for their service to our students at Solana Ranch. Next week is their last week at Solana Ranch. We will miss you both greatly and wish you the best of luck in your new endeavors.

Another Great week at the Ranch! Go Hawks!

Put First Things First


  • 2015 Innovation in Education Awards: 4 Awards in the categories of Inspire – inspiring students to learn, innovate – finding new and better ways to educate, achieve – demonstrating the results of innovations, impact – doing it all, the best of the best for the year http://classroomofthefuture.org/2015-innovation-education-awards-nominations-now-open/
  • All of you are doing so many innovative things. Let's showcase it!
  • 3-N-1 Drill on Tuesday
  • Pajama day on Friday
  • Lunch provided by Office Staff on Wednesday - Soup and Salad
  • Liz, who helps organize Maggie's Club with her husband John, is having a serious heart surgery next week. I will be visiting when she is well enough, so if you have anything you would like me to share, let me know. John called today to say that Maggie's Club will go on despite Liz's absence. They are so sweet and good to our students and school.

Begin With the End in Mind (Formally known as "Education Corner")

Thank you for all of your commitments to grade level collaboration in your PLCs and your input on our PLC norms!

  1. Be Present and Open to New Ideas
  2. Stick with the End in Mind with Having a Realistic Agenda
  3. Be flexible and Trusting
  4. Be Positive and Have Fun

The following is a google agenda doc, template to use with your teams.


“The very essence of a PLC is a focus on a commitment to the learning of each student” -Richard DuFour

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Who Am I?

  • I love hiking
  • I grew up in CO
  • I cheered from 7th grade through HS
  • Trains terrify me
  • Trees make me happy, especially ones I can climb

  • Answer: Corey Felter

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