An occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge

By: Jack True

Plot Line


Farquhar is standing on top of the bridge with his hands tied behind his back with rope and his neck tied with a slip knot that is tied to a beam above his head with two Union Soldiers aiming guns at him.

Rising Action

Farquhar has a vision of himself escaping the rope and the Union Soldiers. He sees himself going back to the safety of his house which is outside of enemy lines.


Farquhar breaks free of the rope and dives into the water. He franticly swims toward the shore trying to avoid the gun shots from above.

Falling Action/Resolution

He makes it to the shore while crying with joy only to be surrounded by a bright white light. He realized that the vision was only that, a vision. He is dead.


The theme of this story is to do what you feel and be yourself but don't under estimate the consequences that you may face.


The conflict in this story is external and internal. External because of the execution problem that Farquhar is facing which is external because it happened in the real world and not in his mind. Internal because of the visions he has when he is tied up on the bridge of him escaping.