Harappan Culture

By Cole Denman


  • on stamps and seals
  • about 400 symbols
  • contrast to hieroglyphics and cuniform
  • are bilingual


  • uniformity in cities
  • prosperous society
  • few weapons of warfare have been found
  • animals are seen on seals
  • some images remain a mystery


  • archaeologists think its theocracy but no sign of a temple
  • priests prayed for food and safety from floods
  • early representation of Shiva, a major Hindu god
  • other figures relate to mother goddess


  • thriving trade
  • traded transportation for goods
  • brightly colored cloth since nobody knew how to grow cotton
  • traded with distant people including Mesopotamians
  • seals identified their trading goods
  • traded for gold and silver
  • traded easily because of ships and sea