Why Vaccines should be mandatory


Vaccines need to be mandatory. You might wonder why. Well, they eliminate diseases that kill thousands of people each year, protect future generations and they save parents time and money.

Diseases that are eradicated because of vaccines

You might wonder what diseases have been eliminated because of vaccines. Well, in the u.s the last case of smallpox was in 1948. And the last case in the world was in 1977. Also, the following diseases were decreased by 99% by 2012 diphtheria, measles, mumps, rubella and hibs. These diseases have killed about 840,000 people. Now those diseases have been decreased by 99%.

How vaccines protect future generations

Secondly, Vaccines protect future generations because if a mother was vaccinated she protects her child from birth defects. Vaccinated communities eradicate diseases. A global rubella caused the deaths of about 11,000 babies and birth defects in about 20,000. Do you want that to happen again? Well I don't! So make vaccines mandatory.