DDR- Bill Gates

By Nayeli Perez

What was his/her early life like?

Bill Gates was born on October 28,1955 located in Seattle, Washington. He grew up in a Middle class categorized family, consisting of him, his parents, and two sisters. His interest in computer programming had not developed until he was enrolled in the Lakeside school around the age of 13.

What Challenges did he/she face?

Gate's trustworthy deputy-like best friend was diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease at one point, His mother got breast cancer. Later on, Microsoft faced a point of near breakup, and federal issues.

What succsesses did he/she have?

Microsoft's sells skyrocketed, and staff members quickly
grew from 25 to 128.Their income had expanded greatly too,
2.5 million dollars turning into 16 million.

by the time 1983 arrived, Microsoft had gone viral,
offices located aross the globe.

How was he able to be sucssesfull despite his challenges?

Bill gates had many people by his side, each problem
outcome with somewhat happy ending solutions. Microsoft's
near breakup had been solved as well, settling their
argument with the federal government.

Did any one inspire or support him as he overcame challenges?

his wife was his support throughout these problems,
allied by gate's company behind him.

What was his legacy?

His amazing invention of the Windows computer and software.

Interesting Info

The Window's computer had looked similar to Apple's software launched earlier, but due to the fruit-based company's carelessness of licensing their products, Apple could do nothing about this.

Gates moved his family to a 55,000 square foot house with a cost of around 54 million dollars located in the area of the shore of Lake Washington


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