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December 17th, 2018

Bear with us. It's a long one, but a good one!

School Reminders


Please remember that if your student is late (after 8:30am), a parent must come in and sign the student in. This is for the safety of your student and for our attendance records.

Pizza Payments:

Pizza payments are due on Tuesday, at the latest, in order to ensure your student will receive pizza on Friday.

Feast of Ages Play

Thank you to Ms. Sarah and her students for putting on such a spectacular play! A big shout out to all those parents who came out and supported the student's performance either by viewing or providing food.

"Dragon Bots Z!" MMA's Lego League Team

The Maria Montessori Academy Lego League team competed in the Ogden district qualifying tournament on Saturday. The team has been busy preparing for the tournament since September. In addition to the robot games, the tournament consisted of three judged competitions. This year’s tournament theme was “Into Orbit” and the teams were tasked with identifying a problem faced during long duration space travel and proposing a solution. The Dragon Bots Z! team decided to study and build a space composter (complete with red wiggler worms) that would take care of leftovers and provide nutrients for future plant growth for the astronauts. They created a five minute presentation for the judges about their project.

In another judging room, the team solved a problem together to demonstrate their teamwork abilities and then talked to the judges about Lego League core values - such as gracious professionalism, inclusion, cooperation, and integration. Then the team moved to the Robot Design judging. There they showed the judges the code they used to program the robot and talked about all the special features they added to the robot as well as discussed some of the successes and challenges of their robot design and strategy.

The most exciting part of the tournament was the robot games. The team competed against time side by side with another team. They had 2 1/2 minutes to complete as many missions on the game board as they could. Each mission was worth a different number of points and required unique programming of their EV3 robot. The team competed in the robot games four times. Using their robot, they angled a solar panel array, extracted core samples, launched a mini spacecraft at escape velocity, operated the food growth chamber, moved a space observatory into place, moved a vehicle payload down a ramp, and put satellites into orbit.

Photos and description by: Debbie P, Lego League Team Lead

Don't forget, Monday night is our Winter Concert!

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Student of the Month

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Each month a junior high student is chosen by their teachers who show signs of leadership and good academics at our school. A junior high teacher interviews the student for the North Ogden Connections Magazine. This month our student is...Maci Bench. Maci will be featured in the January edition.

Maci is an amazing student here at Maria Montessori Academy! She has been on the Student Council, where she has organized events and projects to improve student morale and the school community. She has been a peer mentor working with younger students and a member of HOPE Squad, our student suicide prevention and community building organization. She won 1st place in the MMA Science Fair last year, and participated in the Richey Science Fair at Weber State University. Maci is an accomplished photographer and she is very creative. Maci is a kind and caring young woman and we are proud to have her represent our school. Her quote to remember is “Always fall asleep with a dream and awake with a purpose.”

The Stakeholder Survey winner goes to...

JOSH JUDD! Please come pick up your $25 gift card in the office.

Thank you to those individuals who participated in our Stakeholder Survey. We appreciate the feedback and look forward to bettering our school.

Box Top Store on Wednesday

This is a friendly reminder to have your students bring their Box Tops on Wednesday. The store will be open from 11am-1pm.

STEM Week Information

We are so excited for STEM week, January 14- 18, a week of celebrating the beauty of science, technology, engineering, and math.

PROJECTS TOPICS by grade level

Student Science Projects- these projects and expectations were given out to students the week following Thanksgiving break.

  • 1st- Research and present a scientist

  • 2nd- Project involving scientific method

  • 3rd- Present a project of simple machine or forces of motion

  • 4th- STEM

  • 5th- Invention Convention

  • 6th- Science Fair (Jan. 16 specific expectations)

  • 7th- Scientists

  • 8th- Science Fair (Jan. 16 specific expectations)

  • 9th- Medical Inventions

Calling all Science Fair Gurus: Ten Science Fair judges are needed for the Annual Science Fair- Wednesday, January 16 from 9:00am-12:00pm. If you are interested or know someone who is, please contact Nicoletta Householder at


Thanks to a handful of volunteers from Weber State, 4H Stem, Planetarium, Hill Air Force Base, Debbie Pilkey, James Wilson, Micheal Cox, James Shurtleff, Ron Proctor, and numerous other volunteers and staff - we will have a week packed full of workshops and assemblies.

Assemblies and workshops

  • STEM

  • Caving and stratification

  • Chemistry

  • Math- number theory and aircraft navigation

  • Planetarium

  • Animation and Science

  • Engineering

  • Scales and Tales

Field Trips

  • 9th grade Otech Planetarium

  • 6th- STARBASE

Walk the Science Museum- on the dates below, student projects will be displayed in the hall which will serve as an open museum for all of the school and to observe. The teacher designated due dates may differ from the display dates listed below. Dates provided from the teacher will be earlier due to class presentations. Please take note that Lower Elementary will be the following week, due to space and logistics.

  • Monday (14)- 5th grade, North side and 7th addition halls

  • Tuesday (15)-5th grade, South side elementary halls and 7th addition halls

  • Wednesday (16)-no one

  • Thursday (17)- 4th grade, North side elementary halls and 9th addition halls

  • Friday (18)- 4th grade, South Side elementary halls and 9th addition halls

  • Tuesday (22)- 3rd grade, North side elementary halls

  • Wednesday (23)- 3rd grade, South Side elementary halls

  • Thursday (24)- 2nd grade, North Side and Addition Commons

  • Friday (25)- 1st grade, North Side and Addition Commons

The Dove Award

Stay tuned to next week's MMM to hear our winner! Thank you to all those that nominated an individual.

MAPA Information

MMA Gala

The Gala will be held at Snowbasin on March 23rd from 7:00-9:00pm. To order tickets, please purchase here. Tickets are $32 per person and will not be available for purchase at the door this year. More information regarding the Gala will come soon.

Gala Art

My name is Elene Hess and I am the gala art chair person. I have been volunteering with the gala art for 5 years now and have spear-headed many projects. I am new to this position and I need all the help I can get. I am in need of volunteers to head up our art projects for the live auction. If you've never been to the gala, each level (grade) creates an art project that gets auctioned off at a live auction. These art projects are so precious and special; they have value way beyond the materials and time. We need parent volunteers for each level to help coordinate the students and spear-head each project. You don't have to be an artist, you don't even have to be creative. All we need is those willing to take a little bit of time and show the kids what to do. I have many project ideas I can help you with or you can come up with your own and I can look it over and approve (we try to do different projects for each level). Each project has a $50.00 budget, but we try to get materials donated as much as possible.

If you are willing to help, please open the google sheet and put your name down for the level you would like and the idea you have or write "need ideas." We will have a meeting to discuss the deadlines and art right after our holiday break.

Please feel free to call me with any questions. 801-388-7002

Elene Hess

Our student designed T-Shirts are available

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12/17/18 -- Winter Concert (Whole School Event) 6:30pm

12/19/18 -- Box Top Store

12/24-31/18 -- Winter Break (No School)

1/1-2/19 -- Winter Break (No School); Resume school on 1/3/19

1/4/19 -- MAPA Meeting 8:45am in the Main Conference Room; Intent to Return Opens

1/11/19 -- Legislative Professional Development (No School)

1/14-18/19 -- STEM Week (Whole School Events)

1/15/19 -- Redwoods Final Payments due

1/18/19 -- Intent to Return Closes

1/21/19 -- MLK Jr. Day (No School); Open Enrollment Opens

1/29/19 -- Chili Cook-off

1/31/19 -- Crow Canyon Final Payment due

2/3/19 -- Open Enrollment Closes

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