Bravest god in Greek Mythology

Thesis Statement

In Joel Skidmore’s, Perseus is the most significant god in Greek Mythology that illustrates bravery.


Perseus the son of Danae had to fight off a gorgon known as Medusa to prevent an unwanted marriage between Danae and Polydectes.


For example, Perseus would be willing to do anything to protect and impede Polydectes from marrying his mother, Danae.


“Perseus fidgeted uncomfortably. ‘If it meant you'd leave my mother alone, I'd gladly give you anything I owned - which unfortunately is precious little. Horses, chariot, gems, you name it - if I had 'em, they'd be yours. The sweat of my brow, the gain of my strong right arm, whatever. I'd go out and run the marathon if they were holding the Olympics this year. I'd scour the seas for treasure, I'd quest to the ends of the earth. Why, I'd even bring back the head of Medusa herself if I had it in my power’" (Skidmore).


This shows that Perseus is brave by being able to set out and complete any task that will prevent an unwanted marriage to his mother. Not anyone would be willing to chop off Medusa's head for the benefit of someone other than themselves. This sets Perseus apart from the other gods because he did his heroic act not for any selfish reason rather than to help and protect his mother. Other gods commit heroic acts to cover up something bad they have done.

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Perseus didn't let fear get in the way to kill Medusa and that’s what true bravery is. No other god shows as much bravery as Perseus and for that reason Perseus proves to be the most significant god in Greek mythology.

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