Jennifer's Goals

...Term 3...

Writing-Short Story

My goal is to keep the reader in suspense

How will I achieve this?

  • I will only use 'necessary' detail
  • I will use powerful language features and powerful verbs when necessary
  • I will only use meaningful dialogue-Dialogue revealing character traits or relationships, to increase tension, etc.


For the next few terms, I will be working on being persistent.

Ways I can achieve this are...

  • Committing to my commitments - Turning up to GATE all the time, or lunchtime practices...etc.
  • Challenging myself - Getting out of my comfort zone, and pushing my limits...(not too much though)

Some other things I want to keep on improving in...


I think I need to improve on showing up to GATE consistently. Sometimes I find it hard to remember when and where I need to go, or sometimes I really don't want to...

Putting up a timetable in my desk, or looking at the GATE timetable everyday will definitely help me. Sometimes technology clashes with GATE which makes me completely forget, so i really need to get that timetable stuck in my head!

Reflecting on Term 1/2


At the beginning of the year, I really struggled to come up with ideas, then transfer them down on paper; it took me about 20 mins to write about 2 or 3 sentences. Hardly any ideas or words would appear in my mind and I would stress about not finishing my work. I chose to make this my goal; to generate ideas and draft quickly. Slowly, I learnt to just write down any ideas, not worrying about spelling, punctuation, or even if it made sense! This made it a lot easier, as I had plenty to re-craft with. Doing daily dashes a few times a week, definitely aided my improvement.

Writing Reflection-GATE

In GATE writing, my goal was to use powerful verbs (free verse) to add impact to my writing. Paying attention to using better verbs, definitely improved my writing overall.


Below is an example of my use of powerful verbs:

Actively Involved

-Partially Achieved-

Why do I think this?

  • I have improved, but not greatly. Actively involved means creating opportunities, which have been doing, by trailing for more sports.
  • I've also pushed myself out of my comfort zone a little bit more than I used to. For example, having to the courage to ask if I could pull out of Inter-Ints (cross country).


My goal at the beginning of Term 2 was to get 10.5 or higher in the beep test.

I achieved this goal, with an 11.8! Achieving this, was really tough. I had to get up earlier on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays just to go to running club/circuit training, and train hard!

This term, rather than focussing on running, I'd like to focus on core strength. This will help with my netball, tennis, swimming, and a lot of other sports or activities. How will I improve this? Circuit Training!