Safety & Security Newsletter

Ellensburg School District

In this issue: Safety Online, Bicycle & Crosswalk Safety, Summer Activities and more!

Keep your student safe online!

Social media and the internet offers so many opportunities for connection, entertainment, and accessibility. Unfortunately that opportunity also comes with potential danger, and we want to ensure you have some tools to help keep your child safe. Here are some great resources for you and your family.

Netsmartz - Basic Internet Safety

Kidhealth - Cybersafety & Security

Commonsense Media - Safety for variety of media formats

Bicycle & Crosswalk Safety

Summer is right around the corner, and spending time around town on foot or on a bicycle is fun! May is National Bicycle Safety Month, and now is a great time to discuss safety with your children to ensure their summer is a safe one. Click here to visit the Safe Kids Worldwide site for bicycle safety. Click here to visit the Washington State Department of Transportation (DOT) website for Pedestrian Safety. Taking five or ten minutes to talk with your children about being safe this summer could save a life!

Here are some great activities for younger kids that you can encourage them to do!

Ready for summer?

Make sure you and your family are ready for summer!

Inspired Families

Tuesday, June 12th, 6pm

400 East 1st Avenue

Ellensburg, WA

The Ellensburg School District is partnering with a variety of local agencies to create a program called "Inspired Families." Our goal is to offer events, training and education on many different topics to help connect families and resources in our community.

As the school year is wrapping up, we want to help inspire families to stay engaged with fun activities and learning opportunities by showcasing some of what is available for you. Please join us at Morgan Middle School on June 12 from 6-7 PM for a Summer Kick-Off Event! Representatives from throughout the community will be available to answer questions, share opportunities, and highlight some of the family-friendly events going on in Ellensburg this summer.

Next issue (September 2018)

In our next newsletter, look for information on:

  • Visitor guidelines in our buildings
  • Emergency Response in our schools
  • New SRO Spotlight- Officer Stephanie Druktenis
  • Bus safety & expectations