We Shall Overcome

Civil Rights In The United States

The Battle For Equal Rights

The civil rights movement would impact not only the United States but the rest of the world. This was a movement of minority's (mostly Black Americans) protesting peacefully against the discrimination's they faced around the world. The movement would start in the early 1950's, and explode with support and many events in the 1960's.

Time Changes Everything

As the battle continued on for equal rights, Black Americans cause was beginning to see the light of victory. Court case after court case was ruled in favor of their cause, and for once, Equality was a real possibility.


This subject was something i never really put as my top interest when it came to history. I wanted to learn more about what it took to reach where we are now. It took courage to do what many of these people did, but they had a cause. As these battles have been won for civil rights, the war still continues for true equality for all races. This was something that changed the world for ever and in a extraordinary way.