Aztec, Babylonian, Celtic, Maori, and Egyptian


Worldview - Coatlicue, the Earth Mother, first created the moon and the stars. Coatlicue had a daughter, Coyolxauhqui, the Earth Goddess. Coatlicue found a ball of hummingbird feathers, and she became pregnant from them. All of her children were dishonored that she was pregnant, and when she would not tell them who the father was, and kept insisting it was the hummingbird feathers, they decided to hunt and kill her. As she was running away, she gave birth to a fully armored man, Huitzilopochtli, the Sun God. He killed Coyolxauhqui, and her body became the sky and the Earth. Huitzilopochtli created humans while Coatlicue took care of the Earth. The humans became greedy and Huitzilopochtli destroyed all but two, who were to live on and take care of the Earth.

Ultimate Reality - Taking care of the Earth.

Time and Space - Cyclical. They believed the cycle repeated every fifty two years.

Place of Origin - Central/South America

Elements of Animism - Gods that are the Earth and heavens.


Worldview - There were two gods to begin with, Apsu, and Tiamat. They created Lahmu and Lahamu. From Lahmu and Lahamu, Anshar, Kishar, and Anu, the great gods, were created. After them, there was Ea, and all his brothers. Apsu wanted to destroy Ea and his brothers so there would be peace. When Ea found this out, he killed Apsu. Tiamat began creating monsters to kill Ea. Ea and Damkina created Marduk to fight against Tiamat's monsters. He killed Tiamat, and made her into the heavens and the Earth. Marduk became the god of the entire universe. He created everything, and was undisputed ruler. He created man to watch the Earth and serve the gods.

Ultimate Reality - Serving the gods.

Time and Space - Cyclical.

Place of Origin - Middle East

Elements of Animism - They believed that everything had a spirit, and that gods were just large spirits.


Worldview - There were two gods, Donn and Danu. They were locked in an embrace that they could not be separated from. They had children, and one of the children decided to separate his parents so he and his siblings could live. Brian killed Donn with Danu's permission. Danu's tears flowed all of her children to Earth. The pieces of Donn became different parts of the Earth. Two acorns fell from the sky, and one became a tree, which was Donn reincarnated. The other was the brother of Donn, a priest. The tree dropped it's fruit, and those became the first humans. They were terrible because they couldn't die, and Donn and Finn fought over it. Finn died, and then Donn exploded. His roots remained in the ground, and he became god of the underworld, and Danu was goddess of the heavens.

Ultimate Reality - Death.

Time and Space - Both. Some believe in reincarnation, others believe in true death.

Place of Origin - Britain and Ireland.

Elements of Animism - Somewhat animistic?


Worldview - The first god was Atum. He joined with his own shadow and created Shu and Tefnut. The had to separate everything into law, order, and stability. This was called Maat, and it was the code of life forever. Shu and Tefnut made Geb and Nut. Geb and Nut were locked in an embrace, and Shu eventually pushed Nut into the heavens. Shu and Tefnut began to make the other gods, Isis, Hathor, Osiris, Seth, Thoth, and Nephthys. Shu and Tefnut became lost. Atum sent his all seeing eye to find them. He cried with joy when they returned, and his tears became the first of man. They had to tend to the Earth and worship the gods. The gods would protect and love the humans in return.

Ultimate Reality - To tend to the Earth and worship the gods.

Time and Space - Cyclical. They based everything on the seasons and the flooding of the Nile.

Place of Origin - North Africa

Elements of Animism - Each of their gods represented something in nature.


Worldview - It began with Rangi (Sky Father) and Papa (Earth Mother) who were very close and had a tight grip on each other. They had children, and one of the children, Tane, said they should separate their parents. He put up four poles, and pried the two apart. Tawhiri believed he should have been the one to have pulled them apart, and he ripped out his eyes and made them into the first stars. Rangi and Papa cried, and their tears became the mists, rivers, and oceans.

Ultimate Reality - The Earth and the heavens.

Time and Space - They had a cyclical view when it came to rituals, and a linear view with practical activities.

Place of Origin - New Zealand

Elements of Animism - Each god represents something in nature.

Similarities and Differences

Worldviews - They all believe in generations of gods. Celtic and Aztec are similar, because of how it starts out with only two gods, caught in an embrace, and their children separate them. Also in Egyptian, where Geb and Nut where tangled together.

Ultimate Realities - Most have to do with serving the gods or taking care of the Earth.

Time and Space - Most are cyclical.

Places of Origin - All came from different continents.

Elements of Animism - A lot of them have Gods that represent something in nature, like the rivers, or the wind, or the Earth.