Friday News Roundup

Mrs. Morey's Second Grade Classroom

Week of 3/18/16

Dates & Reminders

  • 3/18 Report Cards go home
  • 3/21 Star Student - Zane
  • 3/21 Our class leads LAUNCH
  • 3/21 Science Fair Registration due
  • 3/21 Enrichment Classes begin
  • 3/23 Science Fair boards sent home
  • 3/24 Flat Stanley dress rehearsal
  • 3/25 Deadline to order Evergreen Mariners' Tickets
  • 3/28 Flat Stanley dress rehearsal
  • 3/29 Salmon Release trip
  • 3/31 Flat Stanley performance at 11:00 a.m. (this is a change!)
  • 3/31 OPT meeting at 6:00 p.m.
  • 4/4 - 4/8 Spring Break
  • 4/13 Science Fair Projects due
  • 4/14 Science & Art Fair at 5:30 p.m.
  • 4/18 Star Student - Divya
  • 4/21 Book Oscars 12:45 - 2:15 p.m.
  • 4/22 Last day of Box Top submissions
  • 4/22 Earth Day Litter-less lunch
  • 4/22 School Dance & Silent Auction at 6:00 p.m.
  • 4/25 Star Student - Cambria
  • 4/29 PLPs go home

Service Learning

Our PAWS drive will begin the week after spring break. We will be asking for any pet items (gently used or new) to donate to PAWS. Please see the flyer in next week's Friday Folder for more details!

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What did we learn this week?

Math: Students continued with math rotations.

Social Studies: Students continued learning about Animal Welfare. They finished their research with a partner on an animal of interest. Students were learning about protection agencies, animal species and habitats, and how we can help. Students began planning their public service announcement commercial. Katie from PAWS visited on Wednesday and discussed how we can make an impact on pets as well as wild animals.

Science: Students analyzed sand, silt, and clay to determine the different properties they possess through observation and lab work. Students also learned about erosion and its impact on the Earth. Students visited Theo's Chocolate Factory as a supplement to our solids and liquids unit.

Literacy: Students continued working on their reading fluency.

Writing: Students continued writing letters about their reading.

Theo's Chocolate Factory

We had so much fun at the chocolate factory yesterday! Not only did we sample loads of delicious chocolate, we learned about the process of chocolate-making and even watched chocolate being made.

What's Ahead?

Math: Students will continue with math rotations, Rocket Math (fact fluency practice), Number of the Day problems, and Number Talks.

Social Studies: Students will work on their public service announcement for our service learning project.

Literacy: Students will continue working on their fluency in reading.

Writing: Students will continue writing letters about their reading.