Should same gender couples be allowed adopt

How is this?

On June 26th, 2015 the government officially allowed same sex couples to marry. This means that any couple who is gay or lesbian officially has the right to marry under government permission. Making it easier for same gender couples to adopt. For example: Emperor Nero was married to one of his male slaves in a public ceremony.

Did you know?

Massachusetts was the first state in the United States to legalize same sex marriage. For example: In 2003 the Massachusetts Supreme judicial court rules that the state constitutional gives gay, and lesbian couple the right to marry. Which is before any other state in the United states.

Some marriages that happened with same gender couples

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My opinion

My opinion is that marriage was created by God to be shared between a male and a female. I will not judge you if you are gay, or lesbian, i just believe that a deep love should be shared between you and someone who is the opposite sex as you. In order for it to be a healthy relationship. It also goes against my religion, which is Christianity to allow same gender marriage.Things that are almost impossible to do are if you are in a gay marriage is you can never consummate, have babies, or and i quote "become one" when you're married. I persuaded that my ability to hear my mother and fathers different views to help me to see both sides when faced with a dilemma.


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