The 13 Colonies

New England, Middle, and Southern colonies

The New England Colony

In the New England Colony the climate is cold.The settlements are Plymouth and Puritan. We have great natural resources like Cattle, Fish, Water, Rocky Soil, and Lumber. Our jobs are great here we Hunt, Fish, Mine, Build, farm, and trade. The objects we trade with the English and other colonies are Fur, Lumber, Fish, Boats, and tools. Our culture is Puritan. Puritans felt that only church going men who owned property could vote but some other people thought that all men could vote.

The Middle Colony

Here in the Middle Colony we have very flat land and a very warm climate. Our settlements are New York Colony, Delaware Colony, New Jersey Colony, and Pennsylvania Colony. We have rich soil and flat land. Great for farming. Some natural resources here are Iron, Good Soil, Lumber, Rivers, Harbors, and Streams. Some wonderful jobs that people do here are Farming, Mining, Building, Hunting, Trading, Sailors, Dockworkers, Millers, and Merchants. Goods we make and trade are Wheat, Cattle, Fish, Fur, Flour, Iron, and Boats. Our Religion is Quaker, Quakers believed in the opposite of war and felt that all people could pray in there own way

The Southern Colony

Here in the southern colony we have settlements like Jamestown and Roanoke. We have flat land and a really warm climate. We have great soil for farming and great jobs like Trading, Fishing, Hunting, and farming. Goods we make and trade here are boats, Indigo, Rice, Fur, Lumber, and fish. Our Religion is Catholic. Catholics believe to love and serve God from Jesus Christ, the Son of God, who teaches us.

Comparing and Contrasting

The three settlements that I am going to compare and contrast are Jamestown, New York Colony, and Plymouth. Well lets start out with comparing. All three are trying to practice there own beliefs and also for riches. They all got help from the Native Americans but then the Settlers and the Native Americans broke into war. The Differences are they all ended up going somewhere else than each other.Some wanted to find spices or a route to India. Some even wanted to be a role model as a colony. So there are similarity's and Differences between all three.