CoSpaces: Create Your Own VR

An introduction to creating Virtual Reality Scenes

Venue, Timing and Cost

Where: Woodland Primary, Flinton Grove, Preston Road, Hull HU9 5SN

When: Thursday 22nd Feb 2018

Time: 09:00-12:00 or 13:00-16:00. Please state whether you're applying for the morning or afternoon course.

Cost: £50. Schools will be invoiced after the event.

Max 10 participants per course.

Please email your application to

If the course is oversubscribed it will be offered again at a future date.


CoSpaces is relatively new software that allows pupils and teachers to easily create their own Virtual Reality scenes and view them on the web or in VR with a suitable headset and smartphone.

Individuals can sign up for a free account but there is an option for schools to purchase an Edu Account which provides a number of advantages which will be explained on the day.

You can read more about my initial use of CoSpaces on this blog post.

The Course

Participants will be shown how to create a virtual scene using CoSpaces. Once completed, they will then be shown how it is possible to code some of the objects to so they move and/or display text on screen.

Completed scenes can be kept private, shared via a link or QR code or embedded onto a school website/blog.

Depending on what statements you have in your assessment system, a completed and coded CoSpaces scene can tick a lot of them off, and not just computing ones either!

Take look at one of the first created by a member of Computer Club at Kingswood Parks Primary. (It's got my name on it as it was pre- Edu account).


Below are links to some more examples from Kingswood Parks Primary. Some by the Computer Club and some by Y5 who were asked to design a Future Hull space as part of their curriculum topic.

You can navigate your way round with the arrow keys to move around the scene and holding the left mouse button and moving the mouse will allow you to change your viewing angle. On some scenes the scroll wheel on the mouse zooms. Spacebar and dragging does something too........ and on some it's the WASD keys!

Class VR Headsets by Advantis

As well as experiencing CoSpaces there will be an opportunity to see and use ClassVR headsets from Avantis to view CoSpaces scenes, explore them by moving around as well as having the opportunity to experience a range of virtual reality scenes and augmented reality objects designed to support them in their learning.

Whilst VR Headsets come in a range of price brackets, from Google Cardboard for around £5, they all need a phone inserting and therefore bring management of these devices into the equation. As the ClassVR Headset has all this built in as well as access to a teacher-managed portal, management overheads are significantly reduced. The portal allows you to view a live feed of what each headset is viewing, manage and preview content as well as access a range of lesson plan ideas detailing how the experiences can be used to support teaching and learning in all subjects across the curriculum.