Mintz Elementary School Newsletter

May 2021

Important Dates & Events


May 3rd - 7th - Teacher Appreciation Week

May 4th - 5th FSA Reading for Grades 4 & 5

May 6th - 7th FSA Math for Grades 3 - 5

May 12th - 13th SSA for Grade 5

May 28th - Last Student Day - Dismissal at 11:25 AM

Early Release Mondays


May 3rd - Last Early Release Day of the School Year

On May 10, 17, and 24 we will release at the normal 1:55 dismissal time.

News from Ms. Moltisanti

Happy May, families!

It is so wild that this most unique school year is almost over! We are already busy making plans for 2021-22!

In the upcoming weeks, we will be finalizing plans for eLearners to return devices for summer cleaning and updates. Stay tuned!

Masks are still a daily requirement at school. Please help your child to remember their mask every day. It is so important that we prevent the spread of COVID-19 at school, and masks are the best defense we have for doing that.

We have more and more families in the car line each morning right at the last minute before the bell. Our instructional day begins promptly at 7:40. The adults helping at car line have to be in class. Students coming in still have to get to the cafeteria and walk to class. We consistently observe that when students have some time to get settled in the morning, they have a more successful day at school. Please "Be Proactive" and get your child to school 5-10 minutes earlier.

Keeping Children First,

Debbie Moltisanti

Grade 3 Promotion

Parents of 3rd-grade students, please reach out to your child's teacher to ask questions about your child's performance on the portfolio items and other reading assessments your child has taken. These portfolio items will be important for making decisions for promotion/retention this spring.

Florida Statewide Assessment (FSA)

The FSA is scheduled for students in grades 3-5 in the months of April and May. All students will be required to come to Mintz to take the assessment. There is no virtual assessment option. Please record the dates below on your calendar.

May 4 - 5 Grades 4 & 5 FSA Reading Assessment (2-day assessment)

May 6 - 7 Grades 3 - 5 FSA Math Assessment (2-day assessment)

May 12 - 13 Grade 5 Statewide Science Assessment (2-day assessment)

Habit 7 - Sharpen the Saw

The Summer time is perfect for reviewing all 7 habits. Check out this Habit Homework! Simply print out the page, complete each habit over the summer and return it in August to be featured as our Habit Heroes on the Morning Show! Don’t forget to check it off and have an adult sign it. We can’t wait to hear how you practiced the 7 habits over the summer!

ELL - English Language Learners

As we get closer to the end of this school year, I wanted to focus on how we can help our children avoid the “Summer Slide”. Most experts agree that children who don’t read or participate in an any academic activities during the summer often slide backward. This is especially true about our ELL students. They have a deeper learning loss during the summer than native-English speakers most likely due to less practice with the language when they’re on break. Please feel free to access our ELL Newsletter on our Mintz webpage, to learn about activities you can do with your children to help avoid the “Summer Slide”.

Enjoy your summer!

Mrs. Miranda, Mrs. Guevara, and Mrs. Toro

A medida que nos acercamos al final de este año escolar, quería enfocarme en cómo podemos ayudar a nuestros hijos a evitar la "Pérdida en Verano". La mayoría de los expertos están de acuerdo en que los niños que no leen ni participan en ninguna actividad académica durante el verano a menudo, se deslizan hacia atrás. Esto es especialmente cierto acerca de nuestros estudiantes de ELL. Tienen una pérdida de aprendizaje más profunda durante el verano que los hablantes nativos de inglés, probablemente debido a una menor práctica con el idioma cuando están de descanso. No dude en acceder a nuestro Boletín de ELL en nuestra página web de Mintz, para aprender sobre las actividades que puede hacer con sus hijos para ayudar a evitar la "Pérdida en Verano ".

Disfruta de su verano!

Mrs. Miranda, Mrs. Guevara, and Mrs. Toro

End of Year

Last day to check out library books is Friday, May 14th.

All books need to be returned Friday, May 21st to avoid late fees and fines. Please help your child locate any missing books and get them back to school early.

Thank you!

Virtual Library & Library Media Catalog

Check out the thousands of available resources offered through Hillsborough County Public Schools Virtual Library. Don't miss out on all of the great stuff!

The Hillsborough County Public Library has many free online resources that your child may access –

Username: student number,

Password: 4321

TeachingBooks-Enriching our community's love of reading

Hillsborough County Schools have a subscription to TeachingBooks — a website that generates enthusiasm for books and reading in our community.

Find book trailers, movies with authors, audio performances, discussion questions, and more — all great ways to engage with books together!

Get started and freely use TeachingBooks:

Browse, Search, Discover, and Enjoy!

Author Visit for Third Grade

Coming up in May – an author visit for 3rd grade only! Watch for a flyer to come home soon!

News from PTA

The Mintz PTA misses our kids and wanted to do something special for them.

The PTA Board and teachers distributed over 850 books and Smencils to students on campus, as well as eLearners.

Please join our school community and help develop our PTA for next year by contacting one of the officers below. You will receive a Zoom link to our next meeting.

Heather Bogart, President:

Julia Stuart, Vice President:

Nikki Velez, Treasurer:

Shelley Simmons, Secretary:

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