Anne Frank


Anne Frank was a Jewish girl. She went into hiding in an annex from the Nazis. She liked to read and write. She loved to write in her diary. She was found and sent to a camp where she died. She died because the green police put more people outside so they are hungry and they do not have food and were cold. So Anne died and some of her family died too. Her dad lived and found her diary.


Anne got a diary as a gift. Anne loved to write in her diary. She called it her friend. She write about what is happening in the annex. She wanted to be a writer when she grew up.

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The theme good vs. evil is seen in the Diary of Anne Frank.They are overcoming fighting with each other while they are in the secret Annex’s small space.Jews had to wear the star of David to show they were Jewish. Nazis put Jews in concentration and death camps. Green police don't like the Jewish people and look for them. Nazis don't allow Jews to have enough food.