U.A.E. Awareness

By: Jackson briscoe

U.A.E. Summary


  • North-East Hemisphere
  • part of Asia
  • On coast of Persian gulf
  • Bordering Saudi Arabia and omen
  • Abū Dhabi is the Capitol
  • The coordinates of Abū Dhabi are 24.46N, 54.36E

Human/Environment Interaction

  • The most plentiful natural resources in the U.A.E. Are oil and natural gas
  • The main way people harvest the land is harvesting oil to trade for other resources
  • The U.A.E. is constantly making areas for oil to be produced


  • The main ways of transportation are walking and cars
  • one of the main tourist attractions is Dubai because of the advancement of the technology
  • Because of Dubai the GDP is also high
  • the main way of communication in the U.A.E. is simply talking or to call
  • the U.A.E.'s location really effects the transportation because it is on the coast

which allows boats to move products and for them to create harbors


  • The U.A.E. has a weak government system and this makes it hard to enforce laws.
  • Another thing that makes it hard to enforce laws is the fact that more than half of the population are immigrants
  • I would consider my country partially successful because their GNP is good but their fees make them unable to pay off their debt
  • another reason that i consider my country partially successful is that there are major governmental issues
  • the reason there are governmental issues is that the government is very weak and the legislative branch has almost no power
  • since the legislative branch makes the laws, there are few enforced laws
  • this has a major effect on the U.A.E. because there is nothing to stop conflicts that could be easily solved if rules were in place


  • The largest city in the U.A.E. is Abu Dhabi
  • The official religion is Islam
  • in Islamic culture women are treated as minors, women have to wear loose clothing and barley are allowed to go outside
  • there is a mountain range on one side of the U.A.E. , there is a coast to another, and there is open land on the last side
  • The cites are normally either poor or wealthy
  • there is lots of rural and urban but not suburban

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