Pleasant Grove High School News

May 2019

Dear PGHS Families,

As the 2018-19 school year winds down, PGHS is preparing to say good-bye to a very special group of seniors. The graduating class of 2019 is diverse in their interests, skills, and talents; however, there are a few common themes at the core of this amazing group of young people. Over the course of the last four years, this class has earned a reputation for their inspiring leadership and for setting a positive tone on our campus.

To begin, I would like to say "thank you" to this senior class for modeling dedication, kindness and compassion to those around them. They modeled these characteristics in a variety of ways. For example, they joined organizations and charitable groups whose mission was to make a difference. This class has a reputation for reaching out to help people who need a little extra support. These student leaders also consistently contributed to PGHS and donated hundreds of hours to a variety of school and community activities.

The class of 2019 has had a positive impact on both PGHS and the surrounding community. Their commitment to be their best helped our school achieve the 2019 California Distinguished School status. Students in the class showed compassion and concern for others when they raised $14,500 for the Paradise Prom and then organized the entire event. This group of seniors demonstrated insight and leadership when they formed the PGHS Unity Group and helped raise awareness of equity issues on our campus. Eagle Force Robotics won the 2019 Engineering Inspiration Award for lending a helpful hand to their fellow robotics teams and for their outreach to elementary school children interested in robotics, resulting in their $5,000 entry fee to the world competition paid for by NASA. In addition, the 2019 Key Club earned over $8,000 and then donated it to charity. These feats are just some of the many accomplishments of this class. The class of 2019 is truly an extraordinary group, and they have left their mark on campus.

In closing, I want to express from all of us at PGHS, what a pleasure it has been to work with this remarkable group of seniors and their families. These students’ dedication, skills, and talents have inspired us all. This senior class has created a unique footprint on our campus for which we will be forever grateful. In Barack Obama’s inspirational words, “The future belongs to young people with an education and an imagination to create" (Barack Obama). As this graduating class prepares to take their next step and make their next mark…we at PGHS will be watching with great excitement to see where their imagination takes them!

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." Nelson Mandela

Thank you for your ongoing support of PGHS!

Taigan Keplinger


Be Safe Be Respectful Be Responsible Be Your Best

Golden State Seal Merit Diploma Winners

Congratulations to this year’s recipients of the California Golden State Seal Merit Diploma!

The Golden State Seal Merit Diploma is awarded to students who demonstrate a superior level of performance in English, mathematics, science, and U.S. History on Smarter Balanced Summative Assessments, course grades, and/or results from assessments produced by private providers.

Upon completion of graduation requirements, qualifying students will receive a Golden State Seal Merit Diploma gold-embossed insignia affixed to their high school diploma. A black and white insignia will be attached to the student’s transcript as well.

Overall, 271 students at Pleasant Grove High School qualified for the Golden State Seal Merit Diploma in 2019.

2019 Golden State Seal Merit Diploma Winners:

Tyler Afana -- Miranda Agustin -- Keilani Aldrete -- Maryclaire Allen -- Hira Alvi

Austin Anderson -- Lauren Anderson -- Nina Andrade -- Darren Animo -- Ekaterina Antimirova

Maria Arellano -- Isabella Asuncion -- Sarah Avila -- Hebah Awwad -- Cameron Banghart

Ryan Banh -- Anthony Bao -- Lena Barbieri -- Tia Batakji -- Karl Bautista -- Brendan Beckstaiger

Jorden Benson -- Aneisa Berrado -- Mert Beyazyildirim -- Emanuela Bisic -- Joseph Blakely

Joseph Borlak -- Sydney Brazzle -- Kyle Brown -- Jayden Bryant -- Cristian Buenrostro

Autumn Bui -- Andrew Bulanin -- Abigale Bulaong -- Brendan Burke -- Bazel Butler

Crystal Butts -- Jonathan Calvo -- Tiffany Cam -- Anthony Campbell -- Cassandra Caton

Alyssa Cha -- Puneet Chahal -- Leslie Chao -- Michael Chao -- Tiffany Chao -- Henry Chung

Matthew Chung -- Gabriel Clark -- Daryl Conner -- Zachary Coopwood -- Justin Corliss

Abigail Corpuz -- Teressa Cortez -- Zachary Cuellar -- Katelyn Cuneo -- Anthony Dailly

Trucvy Dang -- Ayah Dawud -- Nimrat Dhaliwal -- Jason Dhami -- Summer Dietz

Daniela Dolar -- Aidan Dunn -- Amarachi Duru -- Mansi Dutta -- Faith Eigenman

Oscar Escobar -- Aleigha Espejo -- Caleb Fajardo -- Alisha Fang -- Nailah Fatima

Rachel Floresca -- Garrett Fong -- Lukas Fong -- Tyler Forbeck -- David Fowler

Alexander Frank -- Isabel Fregoso -- Pradyumna Ganesh -- Logan Gee -- Isabella Gepilano

Jack Gignilliat -- Claire Gillaspie -- Ashley Glaser -- Jake Goard -- Morgan Goins

Haley Gomez -- Mia Gonzales -- Caitlyn Gonzalvo -- Alyssa Gorman -- Leah Granado

Kelly Griess -- Dominic Grossi -- Ireland Grubbs -- Catalina Gutierrez -- Nathan Hastings

Catherine Hatcher -- Abigail Hernandez -- Jose Hernandez -- Victoria Ho -- William Horner

Alexander Huber -- Paige Hughie -- Katrina Huhtala -- Justice Hunter -- Bill Huynh

Riley Immoos -- Sanchit Jain -- Jada James -- Abbas Jammal -- Allison Jones

Winston Jones -- Derrick Jow -- Angelo Karam -- Alexis Karnow -- Brock Kearnes

Sofia Khan -- Daniel Kim -- Jason Kim -- Tristan Kong -- Sarah Kraemer -- Rohan Kumar

Megan Labrado -- Deviah Laluan -- Natalie Lam -- Maya Langford -- Isabelle Lao

Madeline Larson -- Maikolo Latapu -- Maree Lawler -- Kathy Le -- Wendy Le

Cameron Lewis -- Christine Lewis -- John Ligaya -- Maija Linville -- Keying Liu

Emery Lor -- Yi Lu -- Jonathan Ma -- Cali Madsen -- Rainier Madsen -- Jack Mannion

Araceli Marquez -- Alexis Martin -- Cesar Martin -- Fernanda Martinez -- Surina Marwaha

Laenie Mateo -- Zender Matsumoto -- Miles Mc -- Rachel McAlister -- Bryson McArn

Skyler McBride -- Madeline McClain -- Alyssa Mejorado -- Natalie Moore -- Tavai Moors

Kolby Morgan -- Sabrina Moua -- Payton Mullaney -- Anthony Munoz -- Brenna Myers

Nicholas Myers -- Megan Ngo -- Viet Nguyen -- Benjamin Nguyen -- Brandon Nguyen

An-Thuan Nguyen -- Khoa Nguyen -- Daniel Nguyen -- Don Nguyen -- Katelyn Nguyen

Kim Nguyen -- Matthew Nguyen -- Ryan Nguyen -- Khyla Nichols -- Margarita Niemann

Donovan Niven -- Severiano Nocon -- Greta Nunley -- Brendan O'Connor -- Rylan O'Keefe

Mohammad Othman -- Arvind Padda -- Kaylie Pak -- Amanda Pangilinan -- Anjolie Pascual

Immauri Patterson -- Jeffrey Pealer -- Abhi Pegany -- Natalia Perez-Ponce

Brendan Perkins -- Keegan Persson -- Breanna Pettit -- Alexander Pham

Kenneth Pickrel -- Anne Pizarro -- Alexis Pland -- Benjamin Quang -- Banoo Rafiqzada

Emmely Ramirez -- Anya Ramsamooj -- Bianca Ramsey -- Jasmine Randhawa

Alexander Ray -- Shaelynn Reed -- Justin Restani -- Michael Ringgold -- Riley Routh

Hailey Rupiper -- Tristan Sanchez -- Priya Sandhu -- Yasmin Saqqa -- Andrew Schwartz

Sukhraj Sekhon -- Marion Semana -- Abenezer Shankute -- Patrick Shu -- Sara Sijelmassi

Gurpreet Singh -- Japkaran Singh -- Moses Slivinskiy -- Macy Smith -- Joseph Sou

Elizabeth Spencer -- Samantha Stephan -- Sergio Sumpo -- Simon Sung -- Sara Tang

Lily Teague -- Joseph Telford -- Sierra Tesch -- Paul Thach -- Nicholas Thompson

Riley Tishlarich -- Charles Tollner -- Darren Tran -- Vivian Tran -- Justin Trang

Devin Trillo -- Ellis Truong -- Rachel Tussing -- Veronica Valera -- Athena Velasco

Josephine Viegas -- Isabella Villa -- Edgar Villanueva -- Jasmine Viloria

Amolak Virk -- Elizabeth Vong -- Megan Voong -- Seth Vruvides -- Victoria Waddell

Connor Walton -- Alvin Wang -- Brian Warouw -- Rose White -- Samuel Whiting

Isiah Williams -- Mia Womack -- Kevin Wong -- Nicholas Wong -- Jamie Wu

Jason Wu -- Alexander Wysong -- Troy Yamashiro -- Yi-Leh Yen -- Shelby Young -- Yusuf Zarif

Elk Grove Auto Mall 2018-2019 Graduating Seniors Attendance Drive

Senior Rylan O'Keefe participated in the Elk Grove Auto Mall 2018-2019 Graduating Seniors Attendance Drive on Saturday, May 4 at the Western Festival. Rylan represented PGHS due to his PERFECT attendance record this school year. Although Rylan did not win the $20,000 check, he did walk away with a $100 Visa Card. Great job, Rylan-we are proud of you!
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PGHS Gymnasts

Even though PGHS does not have a gymnastic team, we still have a few outstanding gymnasts who attend Pleasant Grove High School. Marisa Zepeda & Vickie Ho qualified for the Western Nationals to be held in Spokane, WA. Well done, ladies!

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1st Annual Parent & Community Member Appreciation Banquet

On Thursday, May 2, PGHS hosted our 1st Annual Parent & Community Member Appreciation Banquet to thank the many parents and community members who dedicate countless hours to support PGHS students. The success of PGHS is dependent upon the support of our families and community members. Your support makes it possible for us to provide an excellent education to PGHS students-thank you!

Regional Elementary Schools visit PGHS CTE Programs

During the past couple of weeks, sixth graders from Consumnes River, Arnold Adriani, and Sunrise elementary schools visited the CTE (Career Technical Education) classes at PGHS. Our four academies include Agriculture, Biomedical Academy, Innovative Design and Implementation, and Digital Media Academy. Students planted seeds in Ag, observed sheep brain dissections in BA, robot battles in IDEA, and experimented with the green screen in DMA. This is an excellent opportunity for elementary students to gain exposure to the academies that are available at their high school.

Summer School

Summer school will be offered at Pleasant Grove High School from Tuesday, June 4th until Friday June 28th. The registration deadline for summer school was April 26th. Currently all accelerated classes (PE, Computer Tech, World History, Biology, Wld Geography and Health) are at capacity with long waiting lists. We have a limited number of spaces left in credit recovery classes for Math 1, English 9, 10, 11 and US History. Please contact your child's counselor for more information about the summer school program.

Vaping, Why Should We Care?

On Monday, May 6 from 7:00-9:00, Dr. Tiffany Heckendorn, UC Davis Pediatrician, held a parent workshop for the community on the rise of vaping among teenagers and the dangers associated with this addictive habit. We included her power point presentation in the event that you were not able to attend this workshop.

Eagle Force Robotics

Attending the World Championships in Houston, the team did a phenomenal job in competing in the Newton subdivision. The team overcame some very challenging obstacles, and was chosen by the 3rd seed alliance. Eagle Force competed well in the quarter finals, and moved on to compete in the semi-finals in our Newton division. This was a historical achievement, as we had never made it to the semi-finals in our division before. While we were not able to move past the semifinals, EagleForce did receive the Gracious Professionalism award.

There is a definition of what Gracious Professionalism is at the following link:

Excellent work to our EagleForce Robotics team- yet another successful year for the history books!

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FFA State Champions!!

This past week the 91st Annual State FFA Leadership Conference took place in Anaheim. Over 7000 students participated, including 20 from Pleasant Grove.

At the event a multitude of “State Final” competitions took place. One of the State Finals we participated in was the Agriscience Fair, recognizing middle and high school students who are studying the application of scientific principles and emerging technologies in agricultural enterprises.

Here are a few of the top results:

State Champions: (and potentially representing PG and all of California at the National Competition)

  • Audrey and Charlotte Spencer: The Effects of Safe-Guard on Gastrointestinal Parasites (EP3G) Numbers - Animal Systems (AS) Division IV – Novice Team
  • Maya Adams: The Effects of Consumer Preference on Organic and Traditional Produce - Social Systems (SS) Division III – Novice Individual
  • Kalena Tran and Hailey Lim: The Effects of Muscle in Motion of Broiler Muscling - Animal Systems (AS) Division II - Discovery Team

Excellent work-we are proud of you!

All Star Eagles Soccer Game

Camaraderie, competition and compassion describe PGHS's All Star Eagle event. On Thursday, April 11 during Advocacy, our famous All Star Eagles played in an intense soccer game. Students representing the ILS & Pathways classes have been involved in intensive soccer training for the past few months alongside their general ed peers preparing for this exciting event. The teams were coached by our dynamic PE teachers, Tara Keegan, Sean Waddle, and Jordan McDougal. Athletic Director Bruce Belden was the referee and students Bella Merrihew and Keilani Aldrete were the student coaches. This event is unique to PGHS and we look forward to hosting it twice a year.

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We need your help!

PGHS is always looking for parent and community volunteers. Please complete use the following link to inform us of your area(s) of interest:

Click HERE if you would like to volunteer at PGHS next year.

Thank you, in advance, for your support!

AP Testing Weeks (5/6/19-5/17/19)

Monday, May 6th, 8am to Friday, May 17th, 3:15pm

PGHS Auxillary Gym

Senior Finals

Friday, May 17th, 8am to Wednesday, May 22nd, 3:15pm


Soul Purpose Showcase

Friday, May 10th, 6-9pm

8333 Kingsbridge Drive

Sacramento, CA

Spring Band Concert

Monday, May 13th, 6-9pm

8333 Kingsbridge Drive

Sacramento, CA

Senior Awards Night

Monday, May 20th, 6:30-8pm

PGHS Multi-Purpose Room

Senior Sunset

Friday, May 24th, 5-7:30pm

Elk Grove Park

Memorial Day Observance-No School

Monday, May 27th, 8am-3:15pm

9531 Bond Road

Elk Grove, CA

Class of 2019 Graduation

Wednesday, May 29th, 7-9pm

500 David J Stern Walk

Sacramento, CA

Finals-Minimum Days-Dismissal at 12:15 PM

Wednesday, May 29th, 8am to Friday, May 31st, 12:15pm

9531 Bond Road

Elk Grove, CA