1920's Research Project

Brooklyn McCartey. Period 1

Red Scare: The Sacco and Vanzetti Case

People in the 1920's were afraid of communism, because they were seen as dangerous. Those who supported communism were suspected of illegal actions.

Automobile I: The Life and Times of Henry Ford

Henry Ford had a huge impact on society. He made everyone's everyday lives easier.

Automobile II: The new world of Automobility

The automobile changed society by providing faster transportation and also giving people the opportunities to work in a different city than their jobs.

The Mass Media I: Radio

The radio expanded popular culture to different parts of the World. Because of the radio, people across the globe were listening to the same things you were.

The Mass Media II: The birth of movies and movie stars.

Movies in the 1920's were silent. Movies and movie stars opened up a whole new category of employment in the areas of broadcasting.

Changing roles of Women

Women in the 1920's were much different than before. Women had shorter dresses and hair, wore more makeup, drank alcohol, and danced the Charleston. Women struggled for equality, compared to men, even though they were given the right to vote.

Evolution and the Scopes Trial

People were not aloud to teach the theory of evolution, because it went against people's religious views during the 1920's.

Fighting Racism

The NAACP's mission was to ensure the political, educational, and social rights of African Americans. This was very important in the 1920's, considering membership of the KKK was increasing.

Jazz age I

Jazz originated from New Orleans. The different styles were classic jazz, bebop, ragtime, hot, cool, and mainstream.

Jazz age II

Louis Armstrong was one of the most influential trumpeters of his time. He was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and died in Newyork Queens.

Painters of the Harlem Renaissance

One famous painter during the Harlem Renaissance was Aaron Douglas. He was best known for paintings that are semi-abstract and feature flat-forms.

Poets of the Harlem Renaissance

One famous poet during the Harlem Renaissance was Langston Hughes. He wrote about the daily struggles of a African American, which were segregation, racism, and discrimination. His works influenced many to follow.

Heroes of American Aviation

Charles Lindbergh played a huge role in Americas society today. He set the foundation for modern planes and is one of the reasons why we have such effective transportation.

American Sports

During the 1920's Babe Ruth was the most popular Major League Baseball player of the era. Everyone was obsessed with him. And due to radio and television, everyone knew him.

Organized crime

Organized crime was popular in the 1920's due prohibition laws. Al Capone was most known for his organized crime. He murdered all his compition, which made him quite wealthy.

Racism and Nativism in the 20's

The KKK influenced many individuals ideas and expanded nativist ideas. Because of that racism expanded.

Immigration Restriction

The philosophy behind the comprehensive immigration law was to limit immigration due to nativist ideas. Nativist desired for there to be only native-born people in the United States.