Philippines Relief Supplies

Will, Cole, and Charles

About Us...

Cole was the navigator in our group. He identified the airports that were suitable enough for landing and refueling. He was responsible for finalizing the flight plan. He also kept the group on task. Charles was the pilot. He took command of the aircraft upon takeoff. He checked the route plotted by the navigator. He participated in the selection of the relief supplies. Will was the load master. He supervised the division of the supplies among the five pallets based on the capability of the aircraft. We were all certified medical officers. We determined what medical supplies were needed on the trip to the Philippines. We had working knowledge on the common infectious diseases in the Philippines. Our team is made up of 7th graders who go to Colleyville Middle School. We are in accelerated science and math. Our mission goal was to fly to the Philippines and bring help to many people. We would use local boats so that people will earn money. The boats will take us to smaller islands that are in need of help.Our primary objective is to go to the Philippines and help the people that have been effected by a giant typhoon that hit the local people.


It took 30 hours and 58 minutes to complete the trip from Houston Texas to Tacloban Philippines. First we went to Denver from Houston. From Denver we flew over to Seattle. From Seattle we went up to Juneau Alaska. From there we went to Wales Alaska west of Juneau. At wales we flew over to Ugolny Russia. From Russia we went down to Magadon Russia. Next we went to Hokkaido Japan. From Hokkaido, we went to Kagoshima, Japan. From Kagoshima, we went to the city of Trinidad in the Philippines. Finally, we took the 66 mile flight from Trinidad to Tacloban. We accomplished our goal because we helped people.


First, we researched the culture and history of the Philippines. Then we researched the different infectious diseases and determined which medicines we were going to bring along with us on the trip. Next, we loaded up the plane with what we needed. The we followed he flight plan we created and flew to Tacloban, Philipines. We thought it would be faster to fly to Europe, but then we saw that it would be better to go to Alaska then Russia. We did things at the same time which led us to get things done at a faster. We learned that people can effected by things at anytime and that it is important for other people to do everything they can to help. We also learned that lots of time and effort go into loading planes and making a flight plan. Our goal was to help people that were effected by the typhoon that struck the Philipines. We learned about them and loaded a plane and then set a flight plan all to give help to the people with nothing left.


medical supplies addressed out goal because we wanted to help people with diseases after the typhoon and the medical supplies will help us do that with many vaccines and medicine to help stop and prevent people from getting diseases.