Arcelia Guerrero


Getting There

It is now December and the cold has just arrive.The flight to London cost $1,037 per person. The flight is from Denver to Reykjavik to London .Since I'm going in December,

Where to Stay

This is the 3 south place, where I am going to stay for four nights.The cost for four nights is $1056.There is so many lovely things in




History & Culture

London has a rich and amazing history. This great city has changed all of Western culture. All of our political, social, cultural and economic systems have been impacted in some way by events in London.

  • London was a capital of a powerful empire
  • London had democracy before it was implemented in the United States
  • London has always been a major financial center
  • London was central in women fighting for their rights
  • Many famous people lived in London including William Shakespeare, Queen Victoria and Winston Churchill
  • London was central in fighting the Nazis in World War II

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