The Northeast Region

And a Profile of New Jersey and Connecticut

Physical Characteristics

The northeast region includes nine states known for their landscape. Their beauty comes form a unique combination of soil and precipitation. This allows for the fall colors to really come through and show on the wide variety of trees that call the northeast home. The northeast also shares miles of coastline with the Atlantic Ocean. Every year, many people like to visit the northeast's biggest cities.


With big cities like New York, Boston, and Philadelphia, many different people call the northeast home. When immigrants entered the U.S. through Ellis Island, they brought their Irish, German, Italian, and many other backgrounds with them. Even in the modern days, people still flock to the big cities in the northeast, especially New York City. As a result, the city has a wide variety of many different cultures.

The northeast's coastal region has become a megalopolis. It's manufacturing and ability to ship goods easily has allowed it to grow massively. Over 50 million people live in this region. (1/7 of the United States population) Megalopolis is like one, very crowded big city stretching over 40,000 sq. miles.


Even though the northeast doesn't have an abundance of natural resources, they are still a leader in industry. Apart from the coal mines in Pennsylvania, the northeast only other big resource is its ocean ports. These waters have provided the northeast with easy access to trade. The Atlantic also provides a plentiful amount of fish, which is a big industry in the northeastern states.

Factories powered by the rising water of the numerous rivers produced shoes, cotton, and cloth. The river valleys which were first used as railroad routes are now the sight of modern highway interstates. The valleys are still used for trade today, just as they were years ago.

The Garden State

New Jersey is nicknamed the garden state due to its wide va of farming vegetables and fruits. Out of the state's 7,400 sq. miles, about 16% (1,200 sq. miles) is farmland. One of the most popular fruits grown in the state is blueberries, but they also harvest peaches, cranberries, and almost every common garden vegetable. Another big industry in New Jersey is tourism. The state's beaches and boardwalks attract many tourists every summer. Atlantic City also brings in a lot of people, who love to gamble at the casinos.

Another, less popular nickname for New Jersey is "The Crossroads of the East." This is because of its large shipping industry. New Jersey is able to ship products from over 20,000 manufacturers to over 100 million people overnight.

The Constitution State

Connecticut is nicknamed the constitution state because it is said to have the first written constitution. Connecticut's government powers were written down in The Fundamental Orders, which was pretty much their constitution.

Factories in the state of Connecticut produce weapons, seeing machines, jet engines, helicopters, motors, hardware and tools, cutlery, clocks, locks, silverware, and submarines. Along with its manufacturing, Connecticut also supports a wide variety of agriculture. It leads New England in the production of eggs, pears, peaches, and mushrooms. Connecticut is also a popular tourist area. Among the most popular attractions are the inland lakes, the 250 miles of shoreline, and Yale University.