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30th September Newsletter

Climbing the job ladder

Hello everyone and welcome to the second edition of the Phoenix newsletter! In this issue we will be taking a look at work experience.

Most accountancy qualifications require work experience in order to complete the qualification and getting your foot on the ladder with either an internship or full time work as soon as possible can really help you along the way.

Phoenix runs the Phoenix Internship Program (or PIP's for short) to help our students with getting work experience.

PER (Practical Experience Requirements) - We can help!

Over the last year Phoenix has worked with over 20 different companies placing students in internships and full time jobs. We have been able to offer 38 accounting positions in fields as varied as beauty, financial services, IT, chartered accountancy, law, and shipping.

Sadiqali Patel (previous Phoenix student) was placed as a full time junior accountant in a Financial Services Company. He writes;

“The additional help offered by Phoenix for students looking to start their career in their desired fields is a fantastic initiative. It has been quite helpful personally as it has led me to attain a job I like very much. I definitely believe it’s something to look into and it could be helpful to you in the same way it has been helpful to me.”

Arbaz Khan (current Phoenix student about to study P7) was selected for a 3 month internship at a leading Insurance Company. He writes;

“They [Phoenix] take a great interest in the career development of their students. There are constant updates on their website and Facebook page regarding both part time and full time vacancies in market leading organisations. I myself am currently interning at a leading multinational insurance company thanks to Phoenix.”

Helpful links:

ACCA PER information

CIMA PER information

ICAEW TWE (technical work experience) FAQ's

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Phoenix CV Tips

  1. Attention to detail is extremely important. Make sure you spell and grammar check your CV before sending it. This shows you take care with your work and pay attention to detail.

  2. When emailing your CV make sure it is in a non-editable version i.e. a PDF.

  3. Label the document only with your full name.

  4. Do not use colours, clip art or word art. Try to keep the layout as simple and easy to read as possible.

  5. If possible try to stick to 2 pages only. If employers have many CV’s to look through they may only get the change to skim read CV’s for the main specifications of the job before looking at the shortlisted ones in more detail.

  6. Make sure paragraphs line up. Any titles, bullet points or other formatting should also be neat and uniform. Again, this shows attention to detail and that you care about your presentation.

  7. Remember: Your CV is the first impression an employer will get of you, so make sure it counts!

If you liked these CV tips please make sure you register for the Phoenix ACCA PER event where we will be sharing more tips on presenting yourself to employers. See below for more information.

Accounting puzzle of the month

September 30th Puzzle

Early one morning Hal, the owner of a hardware store, sells a mailbox for $25 to Courtney that cost him $20 wholesale. Courtney pays with a $100 bill and Hal discovers he doesn’t have enough change. He runs to the jewelry shop next door, where Jack, the owner, gives him change in exchange for the $100. Later that afternoon, Jack discovers the $100 bill is a counterfeit and Hal pays him $100 to make it right.

What was Hal’s total loss?

(Find out the answer in the next Phoenix newsletter on November 30th).

Answer to last months puzzle: The bill was $25, so each lady paid one-third of that cost ($8.33). The waiter kept a tip of $2, so each lady paid one-third of that cost ($0.67) as well. Overall, each lady paid out $9 ($8.33 + $0.67) for the food and waiter tip and had a dollar left over: (3 x $9) + (3 x $1) = $27 + $3 = $30.

Phoenix Student Events

Phoenix will be holding two events in October. All students, whether currently studying at Phoenix or not, are welcome to attend and the events are free of charge to everyone.

Phoenix ACCA PER event - Saturday 17th October

In this session we will cover the ACCA PER (practical experience requirement) which all student must complete in order to gain their ACCA membership. There will be a guest speaker discussing 'how to best present yourself to future employers' as well as a presentation from the ACCA and a question and answer session. The event will be held at the Dubai World Trade Centre, Ajman meeting rooms from 6pm - 7.30pm. To register email

Phoenix ACCA exam preparation event - Wednesday 28th October

Phoenix will be holding a session on ‘effective revision and exam preparation’ for all Sharjah based students. The event will be held on Wednesday 28th October, 8.00pm, in Sharjah (exact location tbc). Phoenix staff members will be discussing how you can make the most of your revision time, how to translate your studies into effective exam practice and tips on preparing yourself for the actual exam. To register email

Upcoming dates to remember

30th September - ICAEW Corporate Reporting exam registration deadline

17th October - Phoenix ACCA PER event (DWTC)

26th October - ACCA standard exam entry deadline

28th October - Phoenix ACCA exam preparation event (Sharjah)

2nd November - ACCA Late exam entry deadline

If you need further information on any of the above please email

Look out for the next newsletter coming to you on the 30th November when we will be interviewing one of the Phoenix tutors. See you then!
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