the life and times


Sydney Shoell is an accomplished human being who lives with her parents in Salt Lake City Utah. She spends the great majority of her daytime hours at school or at work. Her other hours she spends doing homework and researching colleges.

Sydney has grown up in the same house her entire life this house has a tree, which she loves very much, and a bed. She must admit, she cherishes every second she can snatch with the later. It also holds a family consisting of two parents, mum and dad, and older sister, a twin sister, and a little brother. At least that is what she claims, however due to the strange behavior and ways we speculate she may be an alien lying in wait to conquer the earth, but no hard evidence yet.

Patrick Stewart Acting

why this??

This could be used to advertise events or businesses. This would be an brilliant resource for actors who are trying to get there name out there. One would just need to put a head shot and resume on here and they have a quick and easy tool forself promotion.