Solar Energy

The power of the sun

Solar energy is a renewable resource

It is found from the suns radiation.

The sun radiates down to earth and the solar panels catch the enrgy and store it.

The main use of this energy is to power your house. some other uses are solar panels, solar thermal systems, pool heating solar system , solar lighting, and solar attic fan.

There are not really any products created through this product. One thing that is created is jobs but thats nots considered a product.

The main countries who use solar energy are Germany, Spain, Japan, US, and Italy. People who live by the equater or in a hot place could use it too.

Some pictures of solar energy

Some advantages of solar energy are Its renewable, it makes no noise, there technology is improving, it produces no pollution, it's easy to install, it makes no noise(unlike wind energy) , and you'll save lots of money

The cost of installing it will be worth it. In some cases you can save as much as $2400 a month.