Neurosurgeon (Neurological surgeon)

By Diego

characteristics of my career choice

This job is going to limit me to be inside of a building and moving about to get to patients and check there charts to see if there right for surgery. Most of my time i will bee in a office or walking ( running ) to patients then doing paperwork. My working hours might be limited because of how many things i might do in the morning and night. I will work until Saturday and Sunday.Educations is 5 to 7 years of trainig and one bachelors degree from a college university. You need strong physical skills you need the ability to collect and recollect and use scientific info you need to understand the anatomy and other things.

Other infomation

New and More Infomation

Some physiological which means nature or origin. But mostly i might be walking (running) or sitting down doing paper work for my patients.Some advantages might be doing cpr if need or doing different surgeries to help people in public, some disadvantages might be the long hours of surgeries and paper work.Classes oi might take is chemistry and health to learn different medicines.