Pre- K 2's Weekly Review

What We Have Learned

This week, December 28-31, 2015, began our unit on Winter Wonderland Explorations. This week we explored animal tracks in the snow, how igloos are built, some arctic animals and artic animal homes. We have a new book from the Bookmobile entitled "No Two Alike". This book teaches students about the unique qualities of snowflakes that make each one unique. We took the message of the book further to discuss how each of us is special and unique in our own way. We ended our week by making party hats to celebrate New Year's Day while enjoying another fun filled Pajama Day.

Letter Nn and Numbers 5-10 Spotlight

This week we reviewed letter Nn again and its letter sound. We had some fun making up some nonsense words to further practice the skill of distinguishing its sound from other letters in words.

We have reviewed the numbers 5-10 while counting frogs in the manipulative area and while playing with pompoms in our Feed The Alligator game.

Learning And Growing In Action

Looking Ahead

Important Info

Happy New Year to Xoie, Phoebe, Mackenna, Sam, Emory, Jamari, Aiden and Pre-K 2 families!! It has been a pleasure caring for and teaching your children and getting to know your families this year.

Next Week's Topic: Winter Wonderland Explorations

Show-And-Tell Day: Color And Return Letter Oo sheet

Wish List: Baby Food Jars

Ms. Ashley's Birthday: January 11, 2016

President's Day: February 15, 2016

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