Welcome Back 1/6--1/10

Cougar News

Welcome Back

We hope everyone had a wonderful break! We are excited to be back. Thank you to everyone for the wonderful gifts! We really appreciate our wonderful students and parents. Thank you also for all the food and help provided to make our holiday brunch a yummy success!

Tips for a Successful Start to the New Year! (for students)

Get Organized

  • make sure to have supplies (binders, papers, pencils, journals ect.)
  • clean out your binder and locker
  • make sure to utilize your planner, and checklists
  • try the My Homework App!

Welcome Our New Student Teachers!

  • Ashlyn Seifert will be working with Mrs. McDermott.
  • Grace Duckworth will be working with Mrs. Clift.
  • Brianna Jordan will be working with Mr. McWilliams.

Cougar Science

Welcome back! Please make sure you have a journal ready. We will still be using these this semester. You can still use your one from last semester, or you can start a new one this semester.

This week in science-

  • Monday- Review of classroom procedures/ Vocabulary Practice
  • Tuesday- Review of Energy Resources
  • Wednesday- Conduction, Convection and Radiation Notes
  • Thursday- Conduction, Convection, and Radiation Activity
  • Friday- Energy Vocabulary, Resources, and Transfer Quiz

Cougar E.L.A.

We are continuing with Poetry Unit this week and next. All students will be reading and writing poetry.

Cougar Math

We are studying proportions this week. We will have a quiz on Wed.

Cougar Social Studies

We will begin our unit on religion this week. On Friday we will be meeting with the counselor from AMCMS to discuss registration for 7th grade.