Charlote Doyal

By: Avi

How did Cahrlotte Doyle change from the beginning of the novel to the end?

Charlotte Doyle changed from the beginning of the novel to the end by changing her physical appearance, actions, and attitude. First she changed her appearance by getting shorter hair, lathery hands, and sunbathed skin all from working on the ship. Then her actions changed by her becoming a hard working person, instead of a scared little girl. This monumental change soon had her risking her neck countless times. Most include climbing to ridiculously high places or getting way to close to the sea. Finally her attitude changed by her starting to be more of a down to earth person. Mainly she was less of a judgmental person and excepted people for what they were, becoming much better in my opinion.

Three themes in the novel, and what does this tell us about human beings.

Three themes of the novel are, be yourself, choose your own "wind', and finally don't let anyone stop you from reaching your goals. In the second theme the term "wind" means path, this quote was used a very large amount in the novel. These all relate very well into the novel and really make the reader think about them. Next, what does the novel say about human beings? Well it really tells me that humans are greedy. This especially is said in the character Captain Jaggery. His main action that tells me this is when he put himself and his crew in danger by sailing through a raging hurricane. He did all of these horrific action just to make more money for himself. In the end this actually was a horrible idea because they lost a whole mass.

By: Kyle Kohman

Kyle Kohman