Semester Group Project

This project will help us prepare for our semester exam!

Here are the details of the group project

I. There will be 4 groups (1 for each unit)

  • unit 1- science review
  • unit 2- populations
  • unit 3- ecology
  • unit 4- biomes

II. Each group will create a presentation of some sort (video, tackk, prezi)

  1. you must include:
  • all unit information (I will tell each group)
  • notes (fill in the blank or completed)
  • a quiz or activity for the class to complete

Each member has a role

Some groups may have more than one person in each role!

1. Materials manager/ time keeper

2. Question builder/ activity leader

3. Captain

4. Planner/ facilitator

5. Note taker/ scribe


1. When is it due?
  • each unit will have a different due date (check the calender)

2. How long does it need to be?

  • there are no length requirements, but you need to cover all the material!

3. What type of activity can it be?

  • anything that reinforces the lesson

4. Does everyone have to speak?

  • YES!!! y'all are the teachers!