Book Review

By: Riley Lemons

Out of My Mind By: Sharon Draper

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Melody Brooks has cerebral palsy, which has severely handicapped her physical abilities, leading others to believe that the way she thinks is just as bad. She goes to school, only to be taught the same thing every day.
Her luck changes when, in a newly required 'inclusion class,' a practice test for the Whiz Kids trivia team is given. Melody is the only one to get a perfect score. She knew all the answers, but no one believes it.
After making the team with a computer that talks, she gets ready for the big competition in D.C. Her team went out to breakfast early in the morning. Without Melody. Their flight cancelled, they hop aboard another plane just before it takes off. Without Melody.
Penny, Melody's sister, was hit by the family car, the incident only adding to Melody's rotten mood. The team tried to make up with her by giving her the small trophy they had 'won,' which she knocked to the floor, shattering it.
As she starts on her autobiography for English class, you notice how it starts out the same way as the book, making the reader wonder if the book was her autobiography.