Mrs. Hobbs' Weekly News


Mrs. Wells

Friday was Mrs. Wells last day. We celebrated with Mrs. Wells favorite things: doughnuts, pizza, and Rubik's cubes. It has been an absolute blessing having her back at Schofield and we wish her well in her next adventure of being a librarian at Price Elementary!

Field Trip

We had a great time together at our field trip. Students attended KY3 Weather School and then attended a Springfield Cardinals game. It was a great day and we couldn't have asked for more perfect weather!

A Note from the Principal

We would like to invite you to take the Schofield End of the Year Patron Survey today! This survey will help us determine if we have shown growth in areas identified from the Patron Survey completed in November 2015. Follow the link below and help us grow!

  • M​eals cannot be charged during May at any grade level.

  • Parents of students who will not be returning next school year can complete a "Lunch Refund Request" to have any remaining money donated to another student or mailed as a check to their new address. The form can be filled out at the child's school or downloaded from the Food Service Department's website under "Resources", then "Lunch Refund Request".
  • Balances may be checked online thru your Parent Portal account or contact the Food Service Department at 735-3753 or e-mail

Field Day Volunteers

Field Day will be May 11 grade from 1:00-3:00. We are in need of parent volunteers to make this even a success. All volunteers must have a background check. Please email me or Coach Wolf ( if you are available to help!

Celebrate Schofield

We are planning a living museum in our classroom. Students have been researching and writing about a president. Students will dress up as their president or first lady (glasses, coats, mustaches, etc.) Please do not feel like you have to purchase anything for their costume; old coats, paper, cotton balls, or anything else lying around the house will work perfectly! Students will stay in their classrooms to present their president.

Our Schofield Showcase is scheduled for May 5th from 6-7:30, mark your calendars!

Summer School

CLICK HERE to see details and registration information regarding this year's summer school offerings. Registration will be online only, and the deadline to enroll will be May 6.

Breakfast and lunch will be provided FREE of charge for all children 18 and under. Transportation will not be provided by the district.

Summer school will take place Monday through Friday using the below schedule:

Elementary: May 31-June 24 from 8:30 a.m. to 3:10 p.m. (Kindergarten pick-up at 2:50 p.m.)


Attendance Goal

We met our attendance goal last week. We celebrated with a board game day on Thursday. We had a wonderful time playing games at the end of the day.

School Improvement Plan

Math- I can find the area and perimeter of a shape.

Writing- I can conduct short research projects that build knowledge about a topic. (President research project)

Reading- I can recount stories from folktales, fables, and myths form diverse cultures. They will determine the central message, lesson, or moral and explain how it is conveyed through key details in the text.

Science- Body Systems

  • Skeletal System: Categorize and label different bones by body parts (e.g., leg-tibia, arms-humerus, head-skull, torso-spine)
  • Integumentary System: Identify the major components and functions of the integumentary system (e.g., skin, hair, nails)
  • Sensory System: Classify the five sense organs and their parts (e.g., iris, ear canal, olfactory bulb, taste buds, nasal cavity) and explain how the five senses are used in personal and social environment (e.g., gathering information, making observations, drawing conclusions)
  • Respiratory System: Identify common problems, symptoms, and treatment of breathing disorders (e.g., asthma, bronchitis)
  • Nervous Systems: Identify the major components and function of the nervous system (e.g., brain, spinal cord, nerves).
  • Digestive System: Identify the major components (e.g. mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine) and function of the digestive system

Upcoming Events

Celebrate Schofield

Thursday, May 5th, 6-7:30pm

Mrs. Hobbs' Classroom

Students will be showcasing their research through a living museum!


Saturday, May 7th, 8am

688 East Hines Street

Republic, MO

5K starts at 8:30.

Field Day

Wednesday, May 11th, 1pm

518 North Hampton Avenue

Republic, MO

Last Day of School

Friday, May 13th, 8am-12:30pm

235 East Anderson Street

Republic, MO

Our last day of school we will dismiss at 12:30.