Arthur Bloom

a musician who heals the broken heart of the soldiers.

About him

Bloom was graduate of the Yale School of Music. "Some of what we do you could call adaptive music making," Bloom said, "The folks who are missing limbs or have damaged hands and arms sometimes require specialized instruments, which we provide." He seem everyone as equal, no matter what happen to them. He has the ability to be a hero, he is selfless, generous spend his time with his band, he help these soldiers play musics, he hire teachers, he bought instrument for the band. A hero is someone who is selfless, generous and always help others no matter what, he create the .He is also humble, he did't said how good is he by helping these soldiers. He might look the same as other people, but he has something that normal people doesn't have, which that makes he a hero.

'Band' of Brothers

Bloom start the program since 2007, the program was call The MusiCorps, it help hundreds of wounded warriors. The MusiCorps Band is for the performance part of the program. "What we didn't expect is that they'd get really, really good. So we form a band." Bloom said. The band has performed some place like the Kennedy Center and Madison Square Garden. They also performed with some famous musicians, including Yo-Yo Ma and Roger Waters. They even did better job than a normal person, no matter what happen to them as physically, they are still a normal person. They use musics to show that they are not a shell. The person who gather these people together was Arthur Bloom, he help these soldiers to take back their hope of living.

The soldiers

Greg Galeazzi, he was also one of the injured soldiers in the program. "Of course you accept that injuries or death is a possibility," Galeazzi said. "This is what happens to soldiers who fight wars." It happen in 2011, he got hit by a improvised explosive device that's beneath him, but he survived the blast. When he joined the MusiCrops, he start to see things different. "Music has always been important to me," he said. "I felt a deep sadness because I thought I'd lost my ability to play music." Music gives him the hope of living, and Bloom gives him a place to play music.