Peterson's Post

April 11-15th

Stars and Wishes

Stars- For this week! (be looking for more next week and weeks to come!)

1. LOTS of students wore blue for Autism Awareness. (See pictures below)

2. Thank you to Emily and Katie B. for sharing at Focus Team on Monday. Please let me know if you have used any of the tech tools that have been introduced.

3. The K-2 Dance was a big hit. All who attended had a great time! (see pictures below)

4. Miss Brittany---thank you for ordering all of the items requested from the staff. You did SUCH a good job!!

5. Miss Cat and Deb--Thank you for running Step Club all year. The students have enjoyed it and loved the recognition for their hard work.

A Wish or two or three:

1. Let's end the year strong with tickets. There were very few in many lockers.


Definition: Gratitude, the feeling of appreciation or thanks
1. The sunshine and warmer weather is refreshing.

2. Watching little ones enjoy a dance is so much fun. I love their innocence!

3. My two visits from administration at KAC were great. I appreciate them visiting us so I can show off our school. So proud of you all!

Friday Feedback

Please click on the link above to go to the Friday Feedback link. Please do this each Friday!


With the weather getting warmer and the sun shining more, recesses sometimes become longer than normal. PLEASE come in on time from recess.

29ish Days to Send Post Cards To All Of Your Students

How many post cards have you sent out this year? Remember that each student should receive one by the end of the year. Brittany has the stamps

MAP schedule

Please make sure to let your students know that they will need to be extra respectful in the hallways. (Notice 3rd grade has changed dates)

3rd Grade

Monday 25th- ELA session 1
Tuesday 26th- ELA session 2 & 3
Wednesday 27th- Math Session 1
Thursday 28th- Math Session 2

4th Grade

Tuesday, April 19 - Communication Arts Session 1

Wednesday, April 20 - Communication Arts Sessions 2 & 3

Thursday, April 21 - Math Session 1

Friday, April 22 - Math Session 2

5th Grade-

Monday, May 2:


**ELA Session 1 (estimated testing time 45-80 minutes)

**ELA Session 2 (estimated testing time 25-45 minutes)

**ELA Session 3 (estimated testing time 15-25 minutes) headphones required

Tuesday, May 3:
ELA Session 4 (estimated testing time 60-90 minutes)

**Math Session 1 (estimated testing time 35-50 minutes)

Wednesday, May 4:

**Math Session 2 (estimated testing time 35-50 minutes)

Science Session 1 (estimated testing time 45-55 minutes)

Thursday, May 5:
Science Session 2 (estimated testing time 20-25 minutes)

Science Session 3 (estimated testing time 45-65 minutes)

At A Glance

Things that are coming up and due dates:

  • Most Improved and Citizenship Award names need to be turned in by April 29th. (I have created a google sheet on Canvas---this way specialty teachers will know who everyone picked so they can choose other students if needed)
  • Your Growth Plan and Summative will need to be finalized in May. Be finishing up anything you need to in order to complete your Growth Plan. By April 15th you will need to score yourself at and give evidence of this scoring. You will also fill in the reflection section as well. Let me know if you need help. If you were on the evaluation cycle, I need to sit down and go over this with you.
  • At the faculty meeting this month, I will be giving you the class list sheet. Please be thinking about class lists for next year.

Week of April 11th-15th

11th- CPT 2nd 2:30- Last one- See below for the outline of our conversation

12th-MVP luncheon

12th- CPT 5, 9:15- 4th- 10:15, K- 11:45- Last one- See below for the outline of our conversation

13th- Principal's Meeting- Teri gone AM

14th- PTA Planning 6:00

14th- Google Doc Gift of time for 3rd grade 2:15-3:15- Room 136

15th- No Students- Reflection Day for next year- meet in 136 at 8:30

Update on my dad:

He has been in the hospital since last Thursday. However, he gets to go home today. They have given him constant nutrients, fluids and fat. (yes fat!) They put a stent in so that eating will be more comfortable. He has started to eat more on his own, but needs to continue to do so. We are working to keep his spirits up. He is such a positive and upbeat person, so this is a very different attitude we are dealing with now. My mom and are are working on our cheer leading skills! The other obstacle we have is getting him to drink. The nurses and doctors have given us ideas, so our fingers are crossed that we can get him to drink on his own as well. He was to have another chemo treatment yesterday, but Dr. Hoos decided to give him one more week and begin treatment again next week. Thank you again for your flexibility and patience during this time.

Calendar for April


19th- Faculty meeting 4:00

19th- 5th Grade to cardinals

19th- Warrior Sports Night 5:30-7:30

20th- Eagles Storytime 10:30

21st- PTA General- Art Kindergarten- In Gym

22nd- Earth Day Trash Clean Up- 2:45-3:15

25th- Book Fair All Week!!!

25th- Mann Huddle

25th- Carver Night for 5th grade 6:00

25th- Please turn in Most Improved and Citizenship awards by this Friday the 29th- Google Doc on Canvas. Two for each---specialty teachers as well.

26th- SPED field trip

27th- 4th Grade to Cardinals- 9:30-1:00

27th- CPT 3rd grade 10:15- Last CPT See notes regarding our conversation below.

27th- Spirit Day- Team Wear

28th- SPLS- Teri Gone

29th- CPT first grade-1:15- Last CPT- See notes regarding our conversation below.

29th- Post's class to Gray Campbell- All Day

29th- Spring Carnival 5:00-7:00

29th- Citizenship and Most Improved need to be entered on the GOOGLE DOC on Canvas by the end of the day today.

Duties for April 11th-15th



Bus- Cat

Front Sidewalk Duty: Gratton

Car- Monday, Tuesday, Thursday- Sweet/Wednesday and Friday- Smith


Names- Waddell

Load- Iman


APR- Wrinkle


Bus- Carson

Parking Lot Exit-Monday, Tuesday, Thursday Pheonix/Wednesday and Friday- Maxwell

Assembly Information


April- 3rd Grade Responsible



Have 2 Brag Tag names and 1 MVP ready for the assembly on the 29th


For the March MVPs the luncheon is April 12th. Please send home the MVP letter with your student. They are located on Canvas.

Collaborative Planning Meetings


For April:

Be prepared to tell me the following:

1. What was your best moment this year?

2. After hearing some of the changes coming for next year, what are your goals for next year school year? (CDC report by Hannah and Brad, Canvas, Google Docs, PBL, Choice Seating, Flexible scheduling, Centers/Stations/Rounds etc.....)

3. Where do you feel you did your best learning and what did you take away from it? (Observations of other teachers, Focus Group, workshops, etc.....)

4. What are your three "Gratitudes"------

5. Any other you would like to share at our last CPT.


All musical meetings will be held at LIFE 360 at 6:30

April 21st Art- Kindergarten 6:30- in the gym


Our last meeting was Tuesday. Thank you for your feedback all year. I appreciate it!!


The second Tuesday of the month is the MVP luncheon-(except March- It will be on the 15TH due to Spring Break)

The third Tuesday of every month is faculty meeting. Not all will be seated. Some will be on Canvas.

The third Tuesday of every month is PTA executive meetings- Teri Gone

The first Tuesday of every month is Leadership- please send feedback with your rep.

The first Wednesday of every month is PTA Teri usually gone. AM

The second Wednesday of every month is Principal Meeting- Teri gone

Remember to fill out field trip forms, check the master calendar and tell the cafeteria if you are not eating at school that day. Also, new this year, all end of year field trips MUST be scheduled by April 1st.

Good To Know- anticipated employee high absence days

For the 2015-2016 school year, we anticipate heavy employee absences on the dates listed below. Historically, Kelly Services has had a difficult time filling absences with substitutes on these dates. If possible and if an event hasn’t already been scheduled, we’d appreciate any effort you might make to avoid scheduling events on these days. Also, it would be extremely helpful if we can ask teachers to avoid Fridays for Assessment Testing. This made a huge difference last year! Beyond these, please take into consideration these high absence days:

· Friday, May 5th – SPS Graduation

· Friday, May 6th – SPS and Evangel Graduation

· Friday, May 13th – MSU and Drury Graduation

Birthdays and Recognition Days

ALL OF THIS HAS BEEN UPDATED ON CANVAS. Please make sure you know when you are responsible for your day or month.

Special Recognition Days: Counselor Day 3rd-Kindergarten Responsible

April Birthdays: Cat, Stacy and Teri- Responsible for celebration

Gail- 4/11

Meg Horne 4/27

Corrina 4/29