Come on down to China

by: Jerry Logemann


China is located in Asia.
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The population in China is 1,364,038,000 people. The area of China is 3,696,100 sq. miles.
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Flag descripion

The flag of China is mostly red with yellow stars.
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CHINA'S main Holiday

One of China's most celebrated holidays is called the Chinese New Year. The fifteen day celebration begins with the new moon and ends on the full moon. The Chinese firecrackers are often shot off on New Years Eve. Fireworks celebrate the end of the old year and the beginning of the new year.
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Literacy rate

The literacy rate for males is 97.1 % and for females is 91.1% .
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This is a graph that shows how many people can read in China.

What Language do they speak?

The people in China speak Mandarin Chinese.

Government Type

China's government is a Single Party’s People Republic with one legislative house.

Animals in the Wild

Pandas, chinese paddlefish, and giant salamanders live in the wild.

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Total Medals in the Olympics!

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China has won 517 medals in the Olympic games. China has won the most medals out of all of the countries in the world.
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