ESI Pre-Arrival Challenges

Meet our community of social innovators!

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Dear ESI innovators! July is around the corner. Are you excited to start ESI program in 2 weeks? Did you get to know everybody in your orientation group? We are as excited as you are. Now, it's time to join the big community and share with us your story!

Challenge 1: About Me [Due July 5]

Everyone shares three pictures about themselves with captions of brief explanations on the VIA Social Innovation Facebook group page.

1.Picture One: A glimpse of me (Please choose a photo clearly showing your face, which will be added to the participant handbook. This photo should be square, no smaller than 300x300 pixels) (guess who's in the picture? ➡️ )

2.Picture Two: One thing(s) that I like (could be an object, a scene, etc.)

3.Picture Three: Free style. Any picture you would like to share that you think might help us know you better.

Along with your pictures, please share 2-3 sentences about yourself - where you are from, your interests, and what you're excited about doing during the program!

Challenge II: What social problem is important to you and why? [DUE JULY 13]

Let's get to know each other better by sharing one social problem that is important to you.

1) Click here to download the Challenge template as a separate file. Use this template to share one social problem that you are passionate or curious about. In your own words, answer each question and add pictures related to your topic. Note: If you can't initially think of your own topic, just do some quick research. There is no right or wrong answer, and it's ok if you change your answer in the future. Please also feel free to create your own format, we look forward to know you better in any creative way!

2) After you finish, take a screenshot or photo of the template or your own design, make a post in the Faceboook group.

3) Read through the posts from other participants and comment on at least 2 posts in which you share common interests on their social problems.