Social Studies Outreach

Teacher Take Away

Parents: Different ways to be involved in Social Studies instruction.

Parents can become involved in their child's life by the simplest things. In my class, this is what I have used.

  • Discussing topics that are learned by reading the newspaper, surfing the web, or watching the news with your children. Ask opinions on political, social, economic matters. Listen, ask probing questions and compliment them on their reasoning. Modeling is a great example to interest your children in current events and public life.
  • Broaden the first idea to learning together more about history and geography of your community, state, and country. Parents should have an atlas around, or they can use a globe. By discussing these topics refer to these resources on the location of the event.


The members of the community can come to the school and talk with the students. Depending on the topic the community member would have to be indirect reference to that topic.

Also, students could go to a court house and sit in on a mock trial. This way the students can see how the court system works.

Community Resources

  • Community resources that help support Social Studies instruction can include events through the community that students can participate or members of the community reenact for the students to watch.
  • Newspaper and the current events are a great way to learn about the community you live in. Students will learn by reading the newspaper and producing mini-projects.
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