Mark Klinedinst

Hattiesburg, MS, Professor and Author

About Mark Klinedinst

A professor emeritus at the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg, MS, Mark Klinedinst has taught within the Department of Economics for nearly three decades. He has undertaken extensive research in his field and authored papers such as Topology of Economic Systems (Chinese Business Review, volume 8, June 2009). Mark Klinedinst recently had a book titled Katrina Ten Years After published. Accessible at, the book takes an in-depth look at a devastating natural disaster that particularly impacted Louisiana and Mississippi.

Utilizing unique data points, Mr. Klinedinst examines socioeconomic challenges that emerged during a rebuilding process that coincided with the Great Recession. He examines ethnic and class conflicts that arose over use of aid funds, relying on first-person interviews with those involved on the front lines. A former Maryland resident, Mr. Klinedinst completed his doctoral work in economics at Cornell University. Community-involved, Mark Klinedinst has engaged locally in Keep Hattiesburg Beautiful projects that involved recycling and tree planting.