Alburnett Professional Development

Wednesday - April 9, 2014 - 1:30-3:45


Our objectives for today are:

  1. Expand understanding of Depth of Knowledge to include a continuum of “Relevancy”
  2. Use feedback from colleagues to refine and enhance lessons

1) Collaborative Protocol

  • Access your saved protocol and add a new section by copying the questions and dating it 4/9/14. Please maintain one document throughout the sessions this year and keep new material to the top.

2) Collaboration Planning

  • Refer to the accompanying “Rigor and Relevance” handout as you address the following Focusing Question.
  • Use the Focusing Question: As a Level _____ activity, how might I more fully develop this lesson?
  • Follow the protocol closely – you are encouraged to add a discussion of how formative data impacted your preparation of the lesson that is being presented

  1. Presentation of a lesson
  2. Focusing Question by presenting teacher
  3. Clarifying questions from the team
  4. Generating ideas
  5. Group discussion
  6. Teacher’s response
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