2D animator

Career and College Research Portfolio (Science)

About the Job

Artisian Creative

State: California

City: Los Angeles

Required Experience: Entry level

What will I be doing?

  • Animate characters and objects for interactive games
  • Creating high quality 2D animations
  • work on lip sync
  • Follow style guides and character looks
  • Attend and contribute to kick off meetings and pitches


Place to live

I plan on living 11 miles away from Los Angeles, CA. About 12 minutes away at 45 mph

in Whiting Wood, Glendale, CA

  • Cost of Living: 17% higher than California
  • Crime: 42% lower than California
  • Average Summer Temp: 73 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Easy to find a Home
  • Many ways to get food and appliances

Average Payments

  1. Cell phone: $71- 100+
  2. Cable: $90-100
  3. Electricity bill: $151.94
  4. Rent: $649-880+

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