Room One

By: Andrew Clements

Reviewed By: Derek

Have you ever gone to a school with only one room? Bet you have not. A boy named Ted Hammond does, he lives in Plattsford Nebraska the paperboy of the little farm town. One day while he was delivering papers he went by an abandoned home and he sees a shadow through the window. He wonders who it could be. About a week later he sees a strange girl next to the house. Ted grew a theory that the girl did not really want Ted to see her. Why not. Maybe after this you will read this you will read this book to find out.

I liked this book because it was full of mystery and suspense. For example, Ted was trying to find out why the girl did not want to see him. I also like this book because I was reading about a kid with a totally different life than I do. Like I live in Massachusetts with a full school and Ted lives in Nebraska with one room in his school and only nine kids. My favorite part of the book was when Ted meets the strange girl. I was biting my fingernails while I was reading that part.

I recommend this book to kids in the grades of 4th through 6th because the text in this book would be a bit too hard for a 3rd grader and a little easy for a 7th grader. Also I recommend this book to kids that are really in to the books with mystery in it because this book is full of it and they will find this book more interesting than others. I think the lesson in this great story is to care for other people and help them. Read this book and i guarantee that you will be satisfied with what you had just read.